Why a Good Routine Will Help You Create Content

I’m out of my element and my routines are all in a whack.


Because I came home yesterday to spend 6 days with family and friends heading into the long weekend. Hadn’t been home in a few months and since I can work remotely, it’s easy to spend an extra few days elsewhere.

Anyway, what I quickly realized this morning is that the main reason I’ve been so consistent with my content over the last few months is that I had a rock-solid routine.

Not just for creating content, but for my whole day.

In fact, writing email/blog content and recording my daily vlog have been so engrained in my day, that they’ve become part of my routine. 

And that, my friends, is my key to creating consistent content – bake it into your routine like anything else.

Want to post more on Insta? Set it in your calendar for 10am and 3pm every day. Want to start putting out 1 youtube video per week? Set it in your calendar for Thursday at 11am every week (or whatever times you want). Want to record a daily vlog every morning? Stick it into your morning routine with everything else.

Just like anything, if you plan it and schedule it, you are more likely to get it done.

Waking up at home today I had a bad sleep in a different bed, don’t have my usual “recording spot”, don’t have my famous J-mug (if you haven’t seen my daily vlogs on Youtube, you’re missing out on me and my good ol’ J-mug) and was thrown off right away.

So I’ll be battling to get back into my routine this week and appreciating the one I’ve created even more.

Takeaway: plan where you want to create more content and stick it in your schedule/routine. Asap.

For more on this, I go into more detail on my appreciation for routines here:

From my end in terms of content, I’ve been prioritizing:

the SG Podcast (where I interview other successful solopreneurs)

– SG Daily (my 5-7 minute vlog, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, where I discuss lessons and business tips from my solopreneur business)

Instagram (where I post quotes from both of the above, in picture and audio format)

I’m trying to play around with different types of Insta content because it isn’t a platform I’m overly comfortable with (I’m not as much of a visual/artsy guy, more into writing and speaking) but am enjoying it so far.

My key insights with regards to solopreneur content creation:

1) Just document your life/journey if you don’t know what to post. This is a big tip from Gary Vee and is so helpful because it’s tough to come up with fresh content every day, and because people are interested in the behind the scenes part as well.

2) Stop overthinking and just post stuff. From what I’m seeing with my podcast, instagram, and anything in life really… if you take more action, you’ll see more results. This applies to creating content too. Keep creating and posting content because you’ll learn, you’ll get feedback, you’ll grow and you’ll see what’s working and what isn’t.

Hope this helps on your quest for solopreneur success, and I discuss it even more here:

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