How to Create a New Service Offering for your Solopreneur Business

I’ve talked about service offerings as a solopreneur before, but I want to go a little deeper because of how important they are to any company, but especially as a new solopreneur creating your first one.

The funny thing about offering a new service is that as much as you plan and prepare for it, until you get a few clients and take them through it, you’ll never truly know what issues may come up, what questions they’ll have, how long the process will take, etc.

But don’t let that get you down… just treat is as a phase in the process. 

Almost like a testing or diagnosis phase, which is exactly why people do alpha or beta launches, early releases for movies, etc.

Because I’ve been through the process of testing and implementing new service offerings a few times now, I’m going to go over the exact steps I took to get my new service offering off the ground.

How I strategically added a new service offering to my current solopreneur business:

1) looked at the market/opportunities to see whether my idea made sense (note: this was not a fresh industry – it is semi-related to my current service offering and a bit of a “low hanging fruit”). ((Note 2: always look for low hanging fruit for your business!))

2) determined whether it was viable and worth my time/energy/money to test the new service

3) researched the process from start to finish so I could brainstorm how to structure the service, how to price it, and how to ultimately offer it

4) built a modern looking landing page outlining the service, price, offer, etc.

5) tested the landing page by sending traffic at it (by using some previous clients, some warm outreach and I will also be using FB groups, warm email and LinkedIn strategies to ramp up). Note: the channels you use will depend on your industry, business, etc. Checkout the below where I discuss how to choose your channels in more detail:

6) adjust landing page/service offering as needed after getting some feedback.

Those are the steps I took folks… so far, it’s gone quite well and I will be ramping up traffic to the landing page starting tomorrow for further testing now that I’ve heard feedback and seen some numbers.

If you have questions on any of the above, feel free to reach out through my email list where I talk about all other sorts of solopreneur business and life stuff.

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