How to Approach Sales as a Solopreneur

Sales can suck.

There, I said it.

But sales are pretty darn important for solopreneurs (and any small business or business owner for that matter – without them, we’re in big trouble).

One of the biggest misconceptions I see about sales, especially for newer solopreneurs who are struggling with them, is that they don’t realize there are zero shortcuts in sales like there are in some other areas of business.

Take Action!

Let me give you a quick example to further explain:

I was browsing Facebook last night in one of the business groups I’m apart of (I highly suggest joining at least a few FB groups related to your business/industry, you can gain a ton of insight and even make some good connections), and saw the following post and comment:

“Post: Hey all, I’m looking for someone who can help me with digital photos

Comment: Hey (person)! I can help with that, shoot me a PM”

I facepalmed so hard when I read it…


Because the commenter had a chance to start the conversation with a client right then and there by taking action and sending them a personal message!

Instead, by asking them to send a PM, you’re delaying the conversation, hoping that the person even messages you to begin with, and giving other people a chance to message them first.

I know this is a bit of a nuanced situation, but sales is hard enough already for most (all?) solopreneurs.

Don’t wait for customers to knock on your door or message you.

Don’t sit back and expect customers to fall in your lap.

Take that extra step (in this case, the extra 20 seconds) and send them a message (directly) to get the conversation going, telling them how you can help them and how to get started working together.

Especially in sales, you need to give yourself every possible advantage possible (yes I said possible twice!) because of how hard it can be and how important it is for solopreneur businesses especially.

Okay… rant over 😛 It just bugs me to see people leaving opportunities out there because as you know, my goal with Solopreneur Grind is to help others grow their own business and learn how to start a business.

There are no shortcuts in sales

Let me give you a more actionable example…

Let’s say you’re a business coach – you do direct sales outreach, and you post blog content, and post on social media accounts, and do your own accounting, and other admin work (billing, website management, etc.).

If you take shortcuts in other areas (maybe you skip a blog post/IG live stream for a week or two, push back your accounting for a few months, or don’t update your website for a while), your small business will still operate.

You may see a decrease in business success in the long term, but likely nothing you would even notice.

If you take shortcuts in your sales outreach or processes, your sales will stop completely…

If you don’t do any cold outreach

If you don’t followup with hot leads

If you don’t send proposals/invoices/bills

If you don’t do whatever it takes to move potential customers along your sales process and get their money in your bank account, your sales will drop off (unless you have a super successful business already and/or tons of inbound traffic).

What am I trying to say here?

Shift your mindset for your sales processes and realize there are no shortcuts (other than to hire employees to do it for you, which isn’t a bad idea if you can afford it and they’re good at it).

It’s hard, trust me I know (it took me 4 months to sign my own first client for my legal practice).

But the sooner you accept the fact that sales is hard and you have to do everything in your power at every step of the process until the money is in the bank, the sooner you’ll see the bank start to grow.

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