SG Podcast Episode 1: Getting Started as a Coach with Dennis Sumlin

About Dennis:

Dennis R Sumlin is the founder of Core Confidence Life (CCL), a Talent Promotion and Coaching service that helps authors, voice artists, and podcasters communicate effectively, strengthen their confidence, polish their brand, and reach a wider audience.

He works with people who have a personal development, social conscious, or educational focus to their message. Dennis has a long background in performing arts, speaking/broadcasting, talent recruitment, and other related promotional and administrative experience. He is both a certified communication and confidence coach as well as a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) from Toastmasters International. 

Key Takeaways:

1. How to Help People When You’re Not Sure How to Get Started

Start by really thinking about what you’re passionate about. What sets you on fire? What do you really want to do? Brainstorm and write some of that stuff down. 

What do you know the most about? What comes easy to you? Do you have some intrinsic knowledge about something that you could even get better at?

If you’re passionate about something that you need to learn more about, go out and do it! Take a course, read more, and learn more about it. 

2. Figure Out What People Want From What Your Talents Are

Don’t just throw products together without doing market research and discovering what people want. It’s not enough to think you know what people want, you have to go out there and figure out what the public wants.

Deliver to them out of your pool of talent and see what sticks!

3. Confidence is Key

If you are not confident in yourself, that is something to work on. Flesh out why you feel that way and challenge those thoughts. Look at your past, and see where you have used your skills before. Think about how successful it was because success is not always about money. 

Market research in your niche can also help your confidence. When you talk to people and see how badly they need the services you are providing, it can help you to silence your own negative voices. 

Favourite Quotes:

  1. “To be an effective communicator, you need to have a certain level of confidence in yourself and your message.”

  2. “When you talk to people and see how bad people want these services you are offering, it helps you to silence your own negative voices and to continue.”

  3. “To figure out your niche, think about what you are passionate about. What sets you on fire? Write that down. Then think about what you know the most about. What comes easy to you? Then go out there and do it!”

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