The Grind Mastermind Episode 1: Optimizing content creation, beta testing and VAs

Josh and Chris go live every 2nd week to discuss their businesses, recent progress, struggles and focus for the next few weeks.

In this episode we discussed:

  • optimizing content creation
  • newsletter and e-book funnels
  • beta and QA testing
  • virtual assistants and their benefits

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[00:00:00] Josh: All right, man. We’re rolling. How’s it going?
[00:00:03] Chris: It’s going pretty good. Had some pretty busy two weeks. What about you?
[00:00:07] Josh: I had a busy last week and the week before I was on holiday, so I think your, your last two weeks will be a little more exciting. But anyways, you episode one of the Grind Mastermind, where Chris and I will check in every two weeks, which we do together anyways. And we finally decided why don’t we just stream it, right? So we’re gonna spend, this will be a 30 minute show, quick show, 10 minutes. Where Chris will go through his last two weeks, how it’s gone, progress struggles, lessons learned, and then what he’s gonna focus on for the next two weeks.
I’ll do the same. And then we’ll sh we’ll, you know, last 10 minutes we’ll talk about struggles, takeaways, cool. Books, ideas, yeah. Whatever, whatever. So you wanna jump in? How’s, how’s, or should we do it? Yeah, sure. You wanna start with like a 32nd intro, just like who you are, what you’re focused on. .
[00:00:59] Chris: Yeah, so I’m Chris I’m the founder at Conversion Alchemy, which is basically a copywriting, conversion copywriting agency for seven and eight figure SaaS and e-commerce businesses.
And what I do is kind of integrating copywriting with UX design. So basically converting more website visitors into customers or demos or sign ups, leads, anything. So yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m doing right now. .
[00:01:26] Josh: So with that in mind, how’d the last two weeks go?
[00:01:32] Chris: Yeah, so it’s been pretty busy, as I mentioned, after the holidays, lots of stuff to work on.
My goals were I was actually working on my ebook, so I have a daily newsletter that I sent out from Monday to Friday. . And the problem is I ran a sponsorship, like a paid sponsorship a couple of weeks ago, which went pretty well. But I realized that I kind of messed up because I didn’t have anything in place.
Like my funnel was still like, pretty, like bare bones. Didn’t even have like like an optin or like an incentive. So that’s what I worked on these past few weeks. I, I built this Basically started creating this ebook and, and whole funnel that’s behind it. The eBooks is basically just a collection of a couple, a lot actually of past emails that I sent out.
Yeah, I
[00:02:27] Josh: looked at it. There’s a lot in there. , which we
[00:02:30] Chris: could talk about. Yeah. Just because a lot of people I actually had a few people signed up recently, especially with the sponsorship, who actually. Asked me where they could find previous issues. And I have them on my blog, which is fine. But I also wanted to create something a bit more valuable, like a curation, like a collection of, of emails with the additional like homework exercises and a personal touch for people to sign up.
So the ebook is basically done as well as the funnel. I don’t know if you tested it, I sent you the link yesterday, but Basical. What I’ve done was duplicate all my current existing assets. So the landing page the thank you page, all the emails. I duplicate all of them and tested them. So they’re not live yet, but I tested them.
Yeah, I tested
[00:03:20] Josh: it. So I’m, I’m on the list. So that, that part worked.
[00:03:24] Chris: Yeah. Okay. . Yeah. So basically not nothing special real lending page thank you page. I’m sending a welcome email with the download link for E-book, and then I’m sending two more emails. Usually they are supposed to be sent out like two weeks after signing up.
And, and the other one a month after signing up, which is basically the first one is just asking for feedback on the actual emails on the new. . And the second one is to get a review for the ebook that I’m gonna post on page probably. How, how do
[00:03:57] Josh: you, how do you stagger it, right? Because you, you sent daily emails.
Yeah. Yeah. So, so how does that, like one I was one day they’ll just get two emails.
[00:04:07] Chris: Yeah. I was actually thinking, at first I thought of sending those out like on a Sunday, which could actually be a bit disruptive and catch attention. But then I. . Actually like people on a Sunday probably don’t want to hear from me.
They’re already hearing enough, so I thought just sending them, I could test it. Yeah. But I don’t know, especially for asking for something I’d rather just send them the a second email like in the afternoon because I usually schedule mine to go out in the morning. . So just sending it like another email in the afternoon, since they are not expecting me to usually send more than one email, it, it’s probably enough.
I actually tested this out a while ago where I can’t remember exactly what I asked, but it was some piece of feedback maybe for the ebook, and I sent out this broadcast to go out like in the evening, and a couple people responded, so their response was quite good. So, , I’ll test it out and see, see how it goes.
There’s plenty of time and, and also before those go out it’s gonna be like two weeks and months. So we’ll see how it goes. But yeah, everything is ready, tested. The only thing that we discussed yesterday is should I cut the ebook down? Because right now it’s almost 200 pages. The, the, the reason is because I wanted it to be as valuable as possible.
Also, including like personal touch exercises where people get in touch with me and I help them out with the, with homework. It’s gonna be interesting to see how that goes Once. If I start getting a lot of signups, which in that case I could scale down and, and edit the ebook, but as far as like putting all the emails together, it’s 50 emails.
It actually took me not a lot of time two weeks, but mostly my assistant worked on it. I basically just picked the email. We kind of organized it. I did, I wrote the extra sections, so the introduction, the, the home. . So it wasn’t a lot of work. But yeah, it is ready. I can, I always have the time to scale it down and see if I can do anything else with the content, but for now I’m pretty happy with it.
The design you gave me, good feedback on the design, right?
[00:06:25] Josh: and the ones really good.
[00:06:28] Chris: I actually started with the, I think only the cover was a. In Canva and I did everything myself, the rest of it, but mostly just using the styles that I have on my website just to keep everything on brand. So yeah, that’s been going pretty well.
One of the other goal that I had, . So finish the ebook finish newsletter final. Okay, so that’s ready. We’re probably gonna lunch next week I think, and see how that goes. I also had as a goal to try to find another newsletter sponsorship, but I want to wait until this is ready. So I actually skipped that and focused on more other stuff.
And that’s pretty much. . As far as goes for my next two weeks, I would say,
[00:07:18] Josh: let me write this down. Just so you guys know, we, every two weeks we set a new couple goals and, and we write them down. So in two weeks when we go live again, we will, we’ll run these . We’ll, we’ll give our updates against Yeah. Our goals and whether we hit them or not.
[00:07:33] Chris: And if we follow, you can insult us in the comments. . Yeah.
[00:07:38] Josh: If we mess up. That’s why we want, part of why we wanted to share it right then. Accountability. To have that. Accountability. Cool. So, so next two weeks, what’s the focus?
[00:07:48] Chris: So next two weeks, and I can talk about this a bit after in our final. I am working on, so I have obviously have to launch the ebook and the new funnel that’s, that has to be ready and live.
That’s first. Okay. And I’m also working on a new social media scheduling process and system with my system. So that’s gonna help me reduce the time that I spend on it, because right now, lately it’s been taking. a lot. Too much time every day. So I’m streamlining that out, delegating stuff, and I want to test that out.
[00:08:27] Josh: So what should I say? Like streamline
[00:08:29] Chris: social media? Oh, streamline social media posting. Okay. And also, yeah, we can set for next two weeks to find another sponsorship opportunity.
[00:08:40] Josh: All right. Sounds good to me. Cool. Anything else before we flip over?
[00:08:47] Chris: Up to you.
[00:08:48] Josh: Cool. Yeah, on my end, what’s today? The 20th?
I, I was off till the 10th. I took a 10 day vacation, which was really nice.
[00:08:56] Chris: And, and living La
[00:08:58] Josh: Deca in Florida. . Yeah, man, we, it was great. We were lazy. We got really good weather. It was like a really nice recharge. Last week, week and a half, we’ve been beta testing, so I’ll, I’ll kind of, Chris kind of talks about his one.
His, his copywriting ux kind of, we’ll, we’ll call it a service business for now, even though, you know, it’ll, it’ll evolve. On my end, the, the two things I focus on mostly is Vista, right? So I, I am an immigration lawyer by trade, and I spend most of my time on my immigration tech company, Vista.
We’ll, we’ll link to all this in the description if anybody wants to check them out. So that’s where I spend most of my time. And then of course, Soer Grind is kind of like a passion. Passion project where we share our journey, kind of like what Chris, Chris and I are doing right here. So anyways, most of, most of my last week and a half has been on the Vista side has been beta testing and like QAing our, our newest software tool.
So we’re building a tool that automates the visa process for international students that want to come to. . And the cool part about it too is we, we kind of have like a B2B and a B2C version. So kind of like how TurboTax helps Americans file their taxes without needing an accountant. Our tool will help international students prep and file their visa without needing a lawyer.
But then we also have a version that the lawyers can use, right? So like a b2b. that lawyers and immigration consultants and agents can use to help save time, et cetera, et cetera. So we’ve been beta testing it. We’re hoping to launch kind of publicly like the first week of February. So we still have probably another one, one and a half weeks of beta testing, fixing bugs, getting, you know, getting those last little features fixed and in, and ready to go.
So that’s been really good. I don’t know about you, like, I find QAing is like, it’s very. Because there’s like so much uncertainty and like one day you feel great and then the next day this big bug happens and then the next day, so you feel like crap. Oh yeah. And then the next day it’s fixed. So you’re be, you’re back to being excited.
So it’s like this whole like weird whirlwind, but then you also realize that it’s not live yet. So like the world’s not ending, you know what I mean? .
[00:11:10] Chris: So I was actually, I was actually a software engineer for 10 years before doing this stuff, and I was actually in. First person subject to all this stuff.
But the problem was also that our machine, like we were working on, those machines were kind of like robots. Mm-hmm. . So you’ve actually risked getting injured by those machines if you mess something
[00:11:28] Josh: up. Oh God, yeah. We don’t do hardware reality check. We, we, we, we just do software, which I get is, I guess is physically safer.
So, but yeah. I figured you’d appreciate that. Given your
[00:11:37] Chris: experience. Is the, is the newer product the B2B side or the b2c? I don’t.
[00:11:43] Josh: both. It does both. Ah, okay. Yeah, so So that’s kind of why like the beta’s been taking us a little bit longer, like a couple weeks extra. We, we actually have two versions of the, of, of the same new product that we’re launching.
We have two versions. They’re very similar. But two-sided. Yeah, exactly two-sided. So that’s been really good. On the Solopreneur Grind side, I decided to pause the interview podcast and replace it with what we’re doing here. I, I just, I, I’m spending so much time on Vista and, and that’s, you know, that’s the big priority, but I want to.
building the brand, sharing content. And I, I think building in public, which is kind of like what we’re doing with this show is a great exercise both to hopefully provide some value and education and entertainment to other people. And also just to keep you accountable and you know, help think of things differently.
Just me being able to like, bounce ideas off you every week, every two weeks is. is really helpful. Yeah, so I, I’ve gotten into a pretty good groove with like posting content and what I want to do. What, what I spent last week doing for SG was just kind of like sitting down understanding what I want to do for the year and kind of getting my messaging down.
And now that I have the messaging down, I’ve updated part of my. But I want to fully, I, I have a couple more pages to finish. So, so my big goal, maybe what I’ll do is I’ll, I’ll make a big, a big Vista goal and a big SG goal. Yeah. So for Vista, for the next two weeks, we want to launch, so I’ll put finish, finish beta and launch.
I think we’ll be able to in the next two weeks. Part of it’s up in the air cuz like, depends how many bugs we find when, when we’re testing . and then I want to update the SG website, which shouldn’t take me too long. I just, because I spend like all of Monday to Friday, sometimes more than Monday to Friday on Vista.
Sg kind of, you know, takes a little bit of a backseat. But what I’ve been happy with on the content side, more on the SG side is I. Pretty good and consistent with content creation. So, like Chris, I have a daily email. We’ll you know, weekday email. We both send emails Monday to Friday. We’ll link to the, the landing pages in the description if anybody wants to follow along.
So sending the daily email posting daily on LinkedIn as well Monday to Friday posting almost daily on TikTok for Vista and sg.
Well, I, I think that’s it. What, what, I think that’s it. TikTok and shorts, right. Which, you know, you and I have talked about, kinda like mm-hmm. and, and what we’ll do with this is take this mastermind video, cut it up into snippets and share that on TikTok and and on shorts. So, yeah, that, that was kind of the last two weeks.
And, and like I said, next two weeks, we want to get the product launch. Which also means I’ll then kind of shift more focus to marketing and sales and then also get the website updated. I think the goal really with getting the website updated is like, kind of like what you’re going through right now is like update the home base.
So like the website, the landing page, their neat, they’re tidy, their, they’re the language that we want it to be, and then shift focus to, okay, how do I drive traffic towards that funnel so that we can, you know, build our email list, build our following. LinkedIn’s been really good for me, so I, I want to keep it up on LinkedIn anyways.
Nice. That, that’s it for me. Have you been posting on LinkedIn?
[00:15:13] Chris: Yeah. Yeah. Basically what I do for posting on LinkedIn is I, from my daily newsletter, basically I turn that into a tweet or a Twitter thread, and then also post that on LinkedIn. I just decided yesterday to try posting my. Instagram and TikTok reels both on LinkedIn and Twitter because I saw that you can actually post, post videos and, and use tags.
So I’ll see how that goes. I think,
[00:15:42] Josh: I think native, I think native video on LinkedIn can do quite well. So if, if you already have the like 30, 45 second video and you’re already uploading it, ?
[00:15:52] Chris: It depends it depends because with the video that you, that, like, TikTok allows you to actually do like nice videos with the background so you can show like books and stuff and comment on it.
Right, right. So I just, I just post that, that ends up being in my phone gallery and I just repost that everywhere else. Even if you, you see the TikTok logos, but
[00:16:14] Josh: apparent, apparently that’ll hurt you. I don’t know. Have you tried using some of the apps? Like have you. because like even on iPhone, they have clips.
Have you tried using clips to create a video?
[00:16:25] Chris: I, I mean, the only thing that I was trying, I was using the native camera, but the problem is, as I mentioned, so far, my content posting routine has been taking me so long that like even just having to post natively on different platform, it’s, it is a pain right now.
But I hope that with a new routine, I might streamline that and maybe I can. , what’s the, what’s the Clips app? Like a
[00:16:49] Josh: standalone app? Yeah, it’s like, I think it’s an Apple standalone app now. Ah, so check it on your phone. It’s called Clips. Yeah. Because if you record natively on that, like it, number one, you won’t have the sticker, right?
You won’t have the TikTok sticker, which apparently can hurt you on other platforms. And then what you could do is, , upload it on like Google Drive and have your assistant post it for you. Right? That’s pretty cool. Like if you record one snippet and now you have a, a native video that can go on TikTok, shorts, reels, LinkedIn, Twitter, that’s pretty nuts.
You’re gonna be like Gary V. You know Gary v. Gary Ving. It. If, if that’s a verb or maybe it is now. .
[00:17:36] Chris: I wanted to ask you, do you have like a process for delegating, like the posting? How do you let other people if you do that? Right
[00:17:43] Josh: now, I just social media accounts. Yeah. Right now I just do all the posting.
There’s a few ways we’ve, we’ve done it before working with other people. There’s a couple ways. Number one, you can just give them access to, to the social media account, or probably the best way is you can, you can use software like Buffer or whatever and hook that up to all the account. and then just give them the login to that, because then if you create, there was another one I used to use.
It wasn’t buffer, it was called something and it was free for up to
[00:18:14] Chris: three accounts. Yeah. I can actually, my assistant did some research, so I have a couple of options pre-selected.
[00:18:24] Josh: I mean, if you, the thing is, if you use one of those, you might not even need the assistant to do it because you can upload it once and.
Edit the text. . So like you can upload a video once and then be like, okay, here’s the Instagram text, but here’s the Shortz text, but here’s the, and then just click post once and it does it five times.
[00:18:45] Chris: Yeah, yeah. No, I actually tried buffer myself, but it’s still fucking clunky as shit like, oh yeah, you have to.
Edited stuff. Yeah. Sometimes you get into issues with how your Facebook page, Instagram page are linked and it’s still was, I used to use a different one Sometime I have she listed, another one is called pk. Another one is Social Social Champ. But yeah, like the other alternative that she also suggested, which was a pretty good idea, I.
is, I’m using for password. It’s called last last Pass. So it’s kind of like a password aggregator. So is
[00:19:21] Josh: I, they got hacked, man. So
[00:19:22] Chris: just, yeah, I know. I, I reset all the password and everything and, but basically you can give access to your accounts without them seeing the password, so. Mm-hmm. , they can access the account.
So I think I’m, to start, I’m gonna try. and yeah, just give her access to everything. And post I might try the, like the idea that you suggested to record the videos as well and have her post those as well because I, I was thinking for, at least for uh, Instagram and TikTok to post them myself. But if I can delegate those as well, maybe it’s even better.
[00:19:57] Josh: I think so. If, if she’s gonna do the other three platforms, why not do two more? Right. And it’s just such like, it’s. How you want to be spending much of your time, right? So, mm-hmm. Like that’s definitely something that’s easy to outsource, low hanging fruit. If it gives you an extra 10, 20, 30 minutes in a day to do more marketing, do more sales, get more clients, then it’s an easy decision.
Who, who are you using for your assistant? Like is it a va?
[00:20:26] Chris: Yeah. From Upwork. I found her, actually, it’s been almost a year, so it’s been going pretty well. Oh, wow. How is
[00:20:32] Josh: it? .
[00:20:34] Chris: Yeah. I think $5 an hour. Nice.
[00:20:37] Josh: Yeah. That’s probably the most, that’s probably the biggest overlooked opportunity for solopreneurs.
Yeah. Get a va.
[00:20:45] Chris: Yeah. I actually tried, I tried a couple and you kind of have to go through like the process of like filtering and learning actually what you need and what you want, but when you find a good one that’s reliable. . Mm-hmm. , I think it’s
[00:20:56] Josh: pretty cool. It’s so valuable. Also, I don’t know about you, but it, it kind of, it kind of makes you get better at giving instructions, you know?
Yeah, yeah. Because you’re like, oh, crap, this person doesn’t know my business like I do, so I actually have to give helpful instructions, you know, because if you don’t, they’ll be like, what the heck does that mean? Right. So it actually helps you become like a better communicator. But anyways, yeah. There,
[00:21:19] Chris: there’s a, there’s a great book that I want to revisit.
which I actually downloaded back in 2014 or something when I started out, and I totally didn’t need that. But I mean, it was, it was the, the trend, it was, it’s called Virtual Virtual Freedom by Chris, Chris Tucker, and he was kind of, I don’t know if it’s still, but it was the expert in like, as hiring assistants from the Philippines especially.
So it’s got a lot of like great questions. things that you can, systems to put in place with your assistant. So I’m probably gonna dig into that as well.
[00:21:56] Josh: Cool. Anything else? We got a couple minutes left. Any, anything else?
[00:22:01] Chris: Yeah, I have a couple of things in the works, but I’ll probably share them next time.
Still a bit early maybe to flesh them out. The, the other quick thing, dunno to mention is that with the assistant, I’m also. . I also want to delegate a lot of the lead management process. So whenever a client schedules a call with me, I want to delegate the whole part of like, filtering the client, qualifying the client.
I, I want to have the assistant send the emails on my behalf so it kinda looks a bit more professional as well. A bit like we are a bigger agency and also
[00:22:37] Josh: yeah. For what kind of stuff though? Is it not just like, hey book with Calendly. , like what else has to be
[00:22:42] Chris: sent? Yeah, like, because I usually have like a 50 minute call, then I have started a session, so in between those calls, have her send like extra information.
Having her, especially if it’s a, a client sign up for a 15 minute call, I want to give her some qualifiers that she can use to say, okay, this is a good lead. We can, we can let it pass the, the first test. And also before the first call, I want to have some data and some research. So like the revenue of the company, the trajectory, maybe finding a helpful article that I can send them as like a quick win in the first call.
Right? Like stuff like that just to make, to give a bit more value and also give me a bit more authority and credibility right away. Makes sense. Can
[00:23:27] Josh: help conversions. Do you, do you get her a custom domain email address?
[00:23:33] Chris: Yeah, I’ll probably, I still have to, but I’ll probably just have. , I use Gsuite.
[00:23:39] Josh: So yeah, it’s like, what, six bucks a month or whatever?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. That would be, that would be cool. I, I think if it’s worth it for your funnel, then yes. And then yeah, having, like, it’s kind of funny when, when, whenever I get somebody’s like assistant to book, I kind of have two thoughts.
and I just forgot what the second one is. My first thought is like, oh, snap. Like, must be pretty legit. This person has an assistant and I can’t remember what my second thought. Oh my
[00:24:12] Chris: God. If, if you, I, I think if you use it at the beginning, like at the beginning, you don’t need it like just send a calendarly link.
Right? But there are some people who actually use the assistant and you have to go back and forth with assistant to decide on the date. That’s, that’s now, that’s over. . Well, let me, let me get your thoughts on strategic points. I think it’s, it’s good. Let
[00:24:32] Josh: me get your thoughts on this. So I’ve had conversations with people who hate Calendly and basically say that it offends them.
And this has been less in Canada, I, I’m based in Canada, more so in the US where people are like, oh, if you use a Calendly link, you’re elitist. I don’t want, why, why can’t you just book with, you know what I mean?
[00:24:54] Chris: Wow, that Never with
[00:24:56] Josh: me. Do you think? No, never. I don’t, I don’t see it very often and I’ve, it wasn’t even on my
[00:25:00] Chris: radar
[00:25:01] Josh: So what, what I’ve actually done since hearing that is I actually don’t, I don’t use Calendly myself personally. I love when other people have Calendly links cuz I actually think it’s great. I’ve nothing against those links, whether it’s Connelly, HubSpot, you know, there’s like a million of them now. But now what I do, especially if I know the person’s based in the US is I.
Hey, let me know some days or times that work for you, or if you want book with me here and I provide the link so I kind of give them the option.
[00:25:29] Chris: So, so check this out. I, I could do this on my website. Here’s the calendar link or speak with my assistant to book a, a date and 10. Yeah,
[00:25:39] Josh: no, this is small detail and, and maybe on, on your side of the pond, it’s like not even a thing.
It, it could be like a cultural thing, but I’ve, I’ve heard and seen, I think it’s more in. The US. upper class, like tech scene where they’re kind of
[00:25:54] Chris: like, yeah. I, I dunno what I mean. Cause a lot of my clients are from the us but I
[00:25:58] Josh: never know. Oh, okay. Yeah. Maybe it’s just a small group of people. I don’t, I disagree with it.
I think it’s, I think it saves everybody time. Yeah, exactly. But I don’t know. So yeah, I want, I wanted to hear what your thoughts were, but anyways,
[00:26:09] Chris: there, there was a, I started out, before using Calendly, I was using this other app booking app. It’s called X ai. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve seen that. and they actually got acquired, so they’re not in place anymore.
But I was using that and it was basically like a AI virtual assistant who was going back and forth with the client. Mm-hmm. .
[00:26:30] Josh: I, I think the idea is like, who are you to like delegate me to like booking a time with you and like making me feel like I’m your assistant. You know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. I don’t think it’s a good argument because.
what do you want me to say? I’m booked at 1:00 PM so I’m like, I’m not gonna book you at 1:00 PM I already have a call at 1:00 PM. You know what I mean? So anyways, exactly. I, I disagree with it, but I now, I give people the option if, if, if they don’t like the link. . Yeah,
[00:26:58] Chris: that’s a good point. .
[00:26:59] Josh: Anyways, you never know what people, small detail thing.
Yeah, exactly. Cool man. Well, so a quick quick wrap. So for next week, yeah. Chris’s focus is to launch the ebook and new funnel, streamline social media posting and pick at least one new newsletter sponsorship to try out on my end. Gonna finish the beta and hopefully launch our new software for Vista.
and then get the Solar Printer Grind website updated, and then we’ll go from there. So keep us accountable. Hopefully you enjoyed. If you did, please make sure to like, follow, subscribe, all that good stuff. If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve or anything like that, please let us know in the comments below.
We really appreciate it. And if you want to check out either of our. , whether it be Chris’s copywriting business or my immigration software business or Soer Grind to kind of like follow my journey. Check out the links in the description below. Chris, it’s a pleasure.
[00:27:55] Chris: And if anyone, if anyone has any idea we could actually do maybe some times like a q and a or something like interact with people.
That will be fun.
[00:28:04] Josh: Yeah. Or any, any questions we can, we can answer ’em live too. Yeah. So anyways, I, we’re gonna make. a habit for Friday, 9:00 AM Eastern time. So mark it on the calendars. I think in the future I’ll actually just create a YouTube live event, cuz you can do that. I can create an event. You and I can share it ahead of time, blah, blah, blah.
But it was the first one, so I knew we’d be late and I knew we’d be stumbling last minute, but once we get into the groove it’ll be more consistent. So anyways, Chris, it’s been a pleasure. Thanks everybody for tuning in too. Enjoy your Friday, have a good weekend.
[00:28:37] Chris: Cheers. You too. See you. Bye.

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