A new podcast and phases of testing software

As mentioned last week, did some thinking about what kind of content I want to keep putting out for SG this year.

And I decided to try a new podcast style.

For one, I’ve been hosting the SG Podcast for years – interviewing other solopreneurs to learn about their journeys and lessons learned.

It’s been a ride, and I’ve now interviewed over 120 solopreneurs (and you can find all of the episodes here of course).

But over the last few months, I’ve been getting the itch for something new.

Not that I don’t enjoy the episodes – because even after 120+ interviews, I always learn something interesting from every guest. But I’ve just been ready to take the show in a new direction.

Thankfully, a good friend (and email list subscriber Chris) was also thinking of a new show, so we combined efforts.

You might be familiar with the podcast My First Million, where 2 very successful business bros talk about business ideas, cool companies, interview other experts, and generally shoot the shit.

I don’t listen to it religiously, but I really like the approach because it’s kind of like being the fly on the wall for a casual conversation about business ideas, strategies, advice, etc.

Chris and I had the idea of doing something similar, where we do a 30 minute show, every 2 weeks, sharing what we’ve been working on recently, cool things in the business world, and setting goals for the next episode.

He runs his own copywriting + UX business, and I run a tech company/law stuff – so it’s a cool mix.

Anyway, we tried it this past Friday and it was a lot of fun.

Of course we’ll get better at it over time – as with anything – but if you want to listen in to two guys talking about growing their businesses, figuring things out, and sharing along the way, definitely check it out.

In the first episode, we also talked about:

  • optimizing content creation
  • newsletter and e-book funnels
  • beta and QA testing technology
  • virtual assistants and their benefits

And more.

You can check out the audio or video of the episode here. And if you check it out, let me know what you think!

Last week we (at Visto) onboarded our last wave of beta testers.

Mainly exciting for me because it means we’re one step closer to our public launch – aiming for the first or second week of February.

In essence, building/testing/launching this software has come in waves. Maybe this is obvious to some of you, but as a lawyer who had no software experience ~2 years ago, it’s been a fun learning experience.

First wave: design the software (mostly our team using Notion, visual builders, etc.)

Second wave: build the software (the developers doing their coding things)

Third wave: test the software internally (the developers and I testing it, finding bugs and the devs fixing them)

Fourth wave: getting a select, controlled group of “outsiders” (ie. non-Visto people) to test the software and give us feedback

In our case, our immigration software was built for 2 kinds of “users”.

The first is for international students who need help preparing their study permits to come to Canada, and the second, which we recently added, is for immigration professionals (lawyers, etc.) to help them save time preparing these documents with their clients.

Because we recently added in that new kind of user, we’re doing one more wave of testing with them (the students and their lawyers/consultants/etc.) because we want to make sure everything is looking good.

Especially in legal tech, we just can’t afford any big mistakes, bugs, etc. once we go live publicly. Anyway, we’re getting close to that finish line and very excited about it.

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