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Happy Monday folks,

Been another busy week in the immigration + tech cofounder world of mine.

Let’s jump in:

Building tech businesses and online audiences

We had another pretty good week over at Visto, as we continue to focus on adding more features and clients to our immigration tech platform. The pieces really feel like they’re fitting together well, so it’s a matter of how we want to continue to scale it.

While getting a tech company off the ground has been much harder than non-tech – from my experience – I think my overly simplified guide would be:

  1. find an underserved market that is willing to pay for a solution that will make their experience/business/life better
  2. build a really good product
  3. create and optimize 1 really good sales funnel
  4. be in constant communication with your early clients/users to continue to improve the product

Of course, each of those steps could be a novel of its own, but if you let me know which interests you the most, I can go into more detail in the next email.

I’m also continuing to evaluate and evolve our content/social media marketing strategies, ie. where we’re posting, how often, etc. Over the years I’ve really come to like 2 methods:

1) email lists like these:

As different platforms come and go, and/or change their algorithms, email lists are forever. Pick 1-2-3 social media platforms you like, post good content and point everyone to an email list

2) long form video content into snippets:

We all know that content is king, but video content is the king of kings. That’s why we all can’t help ourselves scrolling on Tiktok/Shorts/Reels/etc. And my best suggestion to “hack” video is to record 1 long form piece of content and then just edit it into shorter snippets.

For example: every 2 weeks we record an episode of the Grind Mastermind podcast (which you should be watching/listening to every 2 weeks here of course). From each podcast, we edit 10-20 short 30-60 second snippets that we can post inbetween episodes for even more reach.

1 recording, dozens of videos. And it can be done for any/every business if you’re creative enough.

What’s holding you back?

Key takeaway: keep things simple and systematize

One thing I love about business is how simple it is. It’s not easy – but a lot of it is actually pretty simple.

In my opinion, hard work + simplicity is the key, despite what all the content/gurus online might be telling you or trying to sell you.

Want a big audience on Tiktok? Go study 2-3 profiles you aspire to, and post religiously for 6+ months.

To do that, build systems so that you’re not staring at a blank screen each time too.

For example, this email. I have a calendar event for every single Sunday reminding me to write this email, plus a template to use. So when the time comes, I sit down and I write – following the system I already have in place.

If you’re trying to do something and constantly skipping/missing it, ask if you’ve got the right system in place to make it easier for you to do consistently.

Book of the week

I’m still reading The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. Yes, still.

As mentioned previously, it’s long as hell, so it’s hard to say when I’ll be finished. To hold you over, especially since I was on the topic of social media above, here’s a review I did of Crushing It! by Gary Vee.

That’s it for me – have a great week, make sure you don’t miss another update here and keep grinding,

– Josh

PS episode 11 of the Grind Mastermind podcast just dropped, where good friend Chris and I share updates on our businesses, tools we’re using, books we’re reading, and more every 2 weeks.

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