The Grind Mastermind: Episode 11

Josh and Chris go live every 2nd week to discuss their businesses, recent progress, struggles and focus for the next few weeks.

In this episode we discuss:

  • FB and Youtube strategies
  • outsourcing versus automating for video editing
  • vacations
  • podcast experiments
  • growth pains in tech
  • community building
  • podcast/content consumption habits
  • updates on books – business and fiction
  • personal CRM tool

Resources we mentioned:

  • Founders podcast
  • Podbean
  • VidIQ
  • Opus pro
  • Win Bigly by Scott Adams
  • The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

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[00:00:00] Josh: I think we are live for the Grind Mastermind episode 11, right. It’s uh, it’s July, man, July 3rd, 2023. The year is flying q3. Q3. And we’re flying.

[00:00:16] Chris: How’s it going? It’s going pretty well. As I was saying before, we turn this on and we’re gonna be on a vacation starting tomorrow in New York.

So if anyone’s listening is in New York, wants to meet up, gonna be there until the 11th, just for some, exploring some, yeah. I’ve only been in New York for three days in the past so far, so it’s gonna be. Nice to have a full week to see what’s around. I saw that it’s pretty hot and you are like 30 degrees Celsius, which is pretty crazy coming to from the UK as well.

[00:00:58] Josh: It’s fun. It’s, it’s, it’s too bad. We were just saying, I’m actually going on the 21st, so I’m, I’m going to visit 10 days after you leave. I have a few good friends that live there actually, so I love to visit New York. I don’t think I could ever live there cuz it’s just too busy for me. But, uh, great city to visit great food, so, oh

[00:01:18] Chris: yeah, I think you’ll have some, I, I, I use charge PT to give me a huge list of food places recommendations, like divided by themes.

And then I have all my locations. I asked it to give me a couple of good, um, like experiences, activities around the mafia. In New York Mafia history in New York. So there’s lots of good stuff. Very

[00:01:44] Josh: cool. Anyways, before we get too much into ai, why don’t we jump in and then we can talk about it in our Yeah.

[00:01:52] Chris: Tool section. I can go through my goals. So what did I have?

[00:01:56] Josh: Oh yeah, let me pull ’em up here.

[00:01:58] Chris: Last week. So I was supposed to, uh, basically test my weekly YouTube posting schedule, so, First one. Yeah. So I did that. How did it go? And, uh, it was helpful because it made me realize that I cannot and don’t want to edit YouTube videos.

So I edited the first one, which was kind of like the pilot for the new like version of the channel. Yeah, but the problem was that that video was just two minutes and a half, three, and that was fine. Mm-hmm. And then I started editing the new, the second video that I recorded, which at the end, like post editing, um, comes out at around seven minutes and it was a nightmare.

As soon as I started, I basically had to Upwork and, uh, I found a really great video editor from the Philippines again. So, It’s been working out pretty well. He edited this first video, which is coming out in 40 minutes. Actually, it’s scheduled on YouTube, so if you want get it, well, it’s hot to the Conversion Alchemy YouTube channel.

You’ll see that soon. And yeah, I mean, it’s pretty straightforward process. It’s great.

[00:03:19] Josh: You should definitely, um, well, two things. Number one, I mean, video editors are a dime a dozen at this point, so it definitely makes sense to outsource it. If you don’t like it, I bet you there’s some good AI tools where you could just like drag and drop your video and it’ll edit for you using ai.

But I don’t know, maybe, maybe they’re not great yet. What I found, maybe we’ll talk about this at the end. There’s some really good AI tools and they’re good, like they’re not great. You know, like you can see that. Yeah, in six to 12 months they’re gonna replace humans, but like, they’re not perfect yet. But anyways, that’s why you gotta get started, right?

It’s only when you, when you do it, that first rep that you find out what you like, what you don’t like, and you can adjust. Yeah. So how, how did the first few videos go?

[00:04:09] Chris: Uh, I, so I’m gonna post this one today and I recorded another one this morning that I plan on posting next week. So the. The schedule, uh, remains the same that I had in mind.

So four videos a month, which are one, is kind of like a how to lesson video. Then I’m posting a website tear down, which doesn’t require much editing, so I, I’ll probably just do that myself. You can basically do it automatically with the script, just cutting the, the silent, the word, the silences and the, the ums and the.

So the third one of the month is going to be, um, a process video. So kind of a mix of me talking briefly and then showing the screen, showing how I do something. So the video that I recorded this morning was that kind of video, and it’s all about productivity. So looking at my processes, systems, tools that I use.

And then the last one, which is kind of, uh, still an idea. Kind of an experiment that I’m pretty excited to try though. It’s, uh, you know, the the Founders podcast? Yeah. That you, you, you link to me. So I’ve been binging. It’s basically going, it’s going to be kind of the, the idea, same idea, but revolving around copywriters.

Marketers basically master persuaders, but also looking at books that teach the art of persuasion and. Maybe marketing. So the goal is for those video basically to go through my notes for that book, read the notes, comment on the notes, give my thoughts and ideas, examples of how I applied those four clients.

So yeah, it’s a great idea. Like any, anything between 30 minutes to one hour, they could be, I have no idea. And as far as the video, it’s just, it’s gonna be no video. So keeping it super simple for those, um, and just posting them on YouTube with an image and repurposing them on like audio podcast platforms.

Yeah, you

[00:06:17] Josh: definitely gotta do the audio. Setting up man, setting up podcasts. Super easy. The hardest part is just creating an account for like the 75 million podcast platforms, you know? Ah, I think you have to do it once, once you pick the host, like for example, I use, uh, Podbean. And, um, once you get that set up, you just, you just like take the RSS feed and then you go to Amazon Music and Spotify, blah, and you plug in the link and it sets it up there.

And then once you set it up, once it just auto pushes. Setting up podcasting is actually quite easy. Um, yeah, that’s a great idea. I’ve been loving that podcast. Let me, uh,

[00:06:56] Chris: yeah, I’ve been, I’ve been listening not only to his podcast, which is great. He had a great episode podcast reposted about Michael Jordan a couple days ago.

[00:07:06] Josh: Yeah, I saw post on LinkedIn, but I’m gonna have to listen to that one.

[00:07:11] Chris: But I’ve also been listening to a lot of podcasts where David, the guy who does it, was, uh, was a guest. Just because I wanted to hear like about his story, about he, how he came up with the idea and how he does it, how he use process and everything.

And it’s super interesting. The guy is obsessed with, uh, like doing the hard work, like grinding every day. Grinding it out. Yeah. But just because that’s what he loves to do. And it’s also kind of what reminded me. Yeah. I got a passion for, uh, like learning copywriting, learning this stuff, persuasion psychology.

So I’m curious to see if I’m going to like it as much as he does anything.

[00:07:52] Josh: It seems like push me. It seems in your case you’re doing that work anyways, right? You’re reading these books, you’re taking notes. Yeah. Yeah. So really all you’re doing is sitting down with those notes and like talking about it for an extra 30, 40, 60 minutes.

See how it goes. That’s it’s a good idea. I’ve been loving the, uh, the podcast. He does a really good job. How did he get started? Like, did he just start recording these episodes on the side and eventually it kind of blew up?

[00:08:18] Chris: Yeah. Yeah, but it took like four years for him, so it, it start, it started in 2018, I think.

[00:08:22] Josh: Four year overnight success, as they say. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, cool. So the, the YouTube schedule’s underway. So what about record two to three Facebook ad videos and then you also had create three landing pages for productized services.

[00:08:39] Chris: So landing pages, uh, didn’t do that. Not a priority really.

[00:08:45] Josh: So do you want to take that off or do you want to keep it on?

[00:08:48] Chris: Yeah, for now we can take that off, especially because I’m gonna be a vacation, so. But I, uh, I had to deliver a couple projects for clients, so I prioritized those. As far as the Facebook ads, yeah, I recorded one video ad and I tried it for a week and a week and a half, I think. But it wasn’t doing great. I guess it’s both.

I’m not still great at doing those kinds of videos. And is it a good script and managing Facebook ads? Uh, pretty simple. I mean, pretty like casual. But yeah, I, I, I think with Facebook ads there’s still still too much stuff that I have to learn. So right now they’re on pause because last week, even just the normal one, they would bring in two, three subscribers a day Last week that it, they was running, it was maybe like one every two days.

So I just stopped it. And for now, I think the new plan, a better direction could be focusing on YouTube and this content, YouTube and newsletter. And use those to channel, like, yeah, use YouTube and the podcast, maybe new podcast to channel the newsletter rather than relying on Facebook ads and paying. So see how

[00:10:00] Josh: it goes.

Well, I mean, it’s, you’re always paying. It just depends on what you’re paying. Are you paying with time or are you paying with cash? Yeah, it’s true. So true. But yeah, I mean, I’m, I’m a firm believer of like, pick one medium first. And crush that first, and then look to bring in a second. Right? Like if you can ramp up YouTube.

The thing is, with something like YouTube, it’ll be slower growth at the start, right? Yeah. Which is fine, but I’m But more organic. I’m prepared for that. Yeah. Yeah. If you’re, if you’re fine to ride it out, man, then, um,

[00:10:30] Chris: and also I’ve been using that tool, you know, the, I dunno if you mentioned or I found it out, but it is called V iq.


[00:10:38] Josh: Yeah. That’s insights.

[00:10:41] Chris: And and I looked, did you upgrade? It’s very interesting. I looked. Yeah. Yeah. Cause even,

[00:10:45] Josh: even the free plan gives you like pretty good info. I can only imagine the paid plan’s probably great.

[00:10:52] Chris: Yeah, it’s great because it also gives you a kind of a checklist when you post the video.

Like, did you do all this things, blah, blah, blah. Right. And uh, it was interesting to see how the copywriting niche, there’s, uh, quite a, it gives you like a meter, right? Of the how many searches and the competition. Yeah, and it’s got high searches, but like low competition, so it was pretty interesting to see.

It would be nice to see how my video do if I follow like all the hashtags, all the, I’ll

[00:11:23] Josh: be interested to follow YouTube search engine, follow that along. Yeah. And, and eventually too, if you get a couple videos doing well, you could throw money at those, right? You could always run YouTube ads and see, uh, Look at, look at my assistant for today.

Those of you watching on YouTube, Uhhuh, pretty relaxed, pretty chill. Have, yeah, we have a foster cat. I, I, I haven’t really seen a cat sleep like that. Like I’ve seen dogs seen either, but she like sleeps on her back with her legs out. It’s pretty funny. She’s a good cat. She looks pretty fat. She could use a few pounds, shall we say, or, or lose.

She could afford to lose a few pounds anyways, okay, so, so Chris’s goals. Um, so I could delete the YouTube one. So, well, let me just ask you this. What the heck are your goals for the next two weeks?

[00:12:14] Chris: Enjoy my vacation. That’s one goal. Enjoy vacation.

[00:12:18] Josh: Hey, it’s important, right? The other one.

[00:12:20] Chris: The other one is probably just, um, let me check a few things that I had actually for these next days.

So, I mean, I. Uh, yeah, try the podcast video experiment. That’s one. Try the podcast.

[00:12:42] Josh: Okay.

[00:12:43] Chris: And the other one I had to finalize, uh, I want to kind of revisit and restructure my click up setup project management, just because it’s been a while. And I want to make it more efficient. So that’s one thing. All right. Did, did I tell you that I scored, uh, a guest post with Click Up? No. Yes, I did.

That’s big. I actually, I pitched them a year ago and they got back to me, geez. Like two, three weeks ago. So yeah, it’s gonna be nice, especially because it’s around. It’s basically a guide to conversion copywriting. So I don’t think, like none of the, like the pros in the conversion copywriting world wrote anything for click up.

So it’s a good. Chance for me to stand out with it.

[00:13:40] Josh: That’ll be some good domain authority, that’s for sure. 86. Nice. Damn. All right, so Chris, for the next two weeks is going to enjoy his vacation. Try the podcast video experiment. I’m interested. Let me, um, Let me know when the first episode’s up, cuz I’ve been loving his podcast and I really like that style.

So I would listen to those. And, uh,

[00:14:03] Chris: what, what

[00:14:03] Josh: episodes? The, uh, David, uh, what’s his name? David Sra. Sen. Sra. Yeah. So if you, you’re doing that kind of style because I I’ve got it. The podcast. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and then restructure your click up setup. I’ve been, I’ve been getting into a good routine where, um, I’m going to the gym like four or five times a week in the morning.

And now I’ve just been sticking my earphones in and I could crush like one episode per morning. Yeah. Um, not, I’d say like 75% of an epi of an episode per morning. I listen on like 1.2, 1.3, and by the time I put it in, walk down to the gym. And then usually I go for a little walk after, so it’s like 45 minutes.

So you can like crush most of an episode.

[00:14:51] Chris: Do, do you find that maybe before, like maybe sometimes you don’t want to listen to one of those episodes because you want to read the book and you don’t want him to spoil it to you,

[00:15:01] Josh: or no, not, not really. Um, if, if anything I use it as like a gauge. I, it’s, it’s interesting.

I find he does a great job of like summarizing the key points. Summarizing the key story, but he doesn’t go into full detail. Right. And he’ll even say like, oh yeah. And then the last, you know, the last a hundred pages, he kind of talks about this and blah, blah, blah, and it’s not as important for this show.

You know what I mean? Yeah. And then he gives his recommendation, oh, this is a great book. Or, oh, this is a good book. So, um, I’ve listened to some of his episodes on books I’ve already read just cause you know, I read them a while ago. Yeah. Because you know how it is, right? You read a book for me at least a year and a half later, I forget 80% of the book, right?

Yeah. So that’s why like the really good books I reread every couple years and like the really cool people too, like, like Munger, it’s just like, I just like Munger, I’ll read, I’ll listen to anything about Charlie Munger. You know what I mean? Mm-hmm. So

[00:16:01] Chris: anyways, yeah. It’s also, it’s also, I. I really like how he is able to connect different lessons from different books that he is read.

Because after reading, I don’t know, 300 books that he is read, he’s able to kind of connect ideas between them and, and maybe he’s talking about Michael Jordan. He tells you about how this is how Warren Buffet. Does this then Michael Jordan does. I,

[00:16:25] Josh: I wonder if, um, I’ve, I’ve been wondering whether he has that in his notes, cuz he’ll be like, off the cuff, he’ll be like, oh yeah, and Charlie talks about this.

And that’s similar to what Warren talked about in episode 124. Yeah. Yeah. And in my head I’m like, wait, did he just recall the episode number off the top of his head or is that in notes?

[00:16:43] Chris: He can actually recall episodes because I, I’m sure he does. Yeah. I’ve listened to interviews where he doesn’t have anything.

Like there’s a video and you can tell. Doesn’t have anything. Oh, yeah.

[00:16:52] Josh: Yeah. That’s so I love that. I love it. He’s great. He’s great. I’ve been following on LinkedIn now too, man. Social media’s crazy, right? Because you can like find a podcaster that you love and then go find them on a medium like LinkedIn.

Like for example, last week he released. An episode about the, there’s a new Steve Jobs book out apparently. Yeah. And so, uh, it’s free.

[00:17:17] Chris: Is it? The book is free, yeah. Oh, I didn’t know that. Can download the, can download the electronic copy and it’s super nice. So like a lot of, uh, images, color images. Oh, that,

[00:17:27] Josh: okay.

I’m gonna have to check it out. But anyways, I commented and I was like, Hey David, like, love your content. Do you like, did you like this book more than Isaacson, like the Isaacson biography? And I forget what he said now, but he answered. And I was like, that’s really cool. You know, like you can, you can just, it’s so much easier these days to connect potentially with some of these people.

But anyways. Mm-hmm. All right. So let’s switch over at the halfway mark. Yeah.

[00:17:52] Chris: About you. Well, you’ll be nap to,

[00:17:54] Josh: um, it’s been a pretty good few weeks. We’re still, we’re slowly growing on the, on the ow side. We’re slowly growing. We’re, we’re getting into some of those like classic growth pains. Where it’s like, now we ha we actually have more paying clients, which is good, but then it’s like new feature requests, customer support chat is getting busier.

So w we think we might raise a little bit more money just so we can like hire a couple more people cuz things are going well, our products looking really good, but we wanna add in a couple like more key features. But engineering has slowed a little bit cuz now Alex, he’s our cto. He’s still building new features, but now we’ve got more clients, so you gotta like answer those support chat messages and stuff.

So you know, it’s a lot to handle. Meanwhile, I’m doing all the sales and the marketing and the onboarding and the admin and the finance. So anyways, let me go through these items first, 30 plus cold calls per day. I did that for about half, and then the last week partly I got sick and partly I got so booked with demos that some days I couldn’t get.

That many cold calls in. Um, but I’m going to keep it on the list cuz I just want to keep doing it as many days as I can. It’s, it’s just interesting if, if you keep up that outreach, at least for us. Um, and I’m assuming this would be the same, like if you can just keep up your, your cold outbound. It keeps the funnel moving pretty well, which I guess is like, kind of obvious, but anyways, it’s kind of nice to see, um, confirm repurpose strategy from LinkedIn content, short videos for, yeah, so I was able to, so I’ve gotten into like a decent groove on social where, um, I post on LinkedIn every day, five days a week.

Um, and then I haven’t been posting native content. Onto TikTok and shorts. But what I’ve been doing is I go live with you every two weeks. You know, we talk about our business journey, and then I go live every two weeks on LinkedIn and I talk more about immigration stuff, right? Like immigration updates, news, blah, blah, blah.

And so with that, um, on Fridays, yeah, every second Friday, so the problem was like a couple weeks ago. Usually we’ve been one one. So like one week I’ll have our podcast. The next week I’ll have that. But now we’re all mixed up and it’s on the same day. Well, this is, this is obviously a Monday, but anyways, the couple days where they’ve fallen on the same days is kind of rough, cuz then I have like almost two hours of live video recording, which is fine, but when you’re trying to get a whole bunch of other stuff done.

So I’m gonna get it back. I’m gonna shift around my calendar so that it’s like 1, 1, 1, 1. Yeah, but I think the, I think like one of the best social media strategies you can have, especially if you wanna play the, the video content game is like once every week or two do a long form piece of content and then just chop it up.

Um, and that’s what I’ve been doing. So I chop up. And maybe I’ll talk about this at the end. I, I’ve been using an AI tool. I’ll just mention it now. Screw it. I’ve been using, I think we’ve mentioned it in past episodes, but I’ve been using it, it’s called Opus Pro. I think we talked about it. I’ll throw it in the show notes again with the other tools.

It’s quite good. It’s not amazing, right? So for example, you would get a better result by paying somebody to do it, but it’s a 10th of the price. And it works in three minutes. You know what I mean? So, and I’m assuming it’s only gonna get better. So like we, we record this, we throw it up on YouTube, I take the YouTube link, I paste it into Opus Pro, and five minutes later it just generates 10 clips with full captions.

It’s nuts. It’s

[00:21:46] Chris: totally nuts. So, so what, what do you think is working now with the tool and what doesn’t work so well? Because I tried it for mine, but it was just a two, two, like three minute video, so it didn’t make sense for this new video that’s coming out. The, the editor is also going to create the short clips.

Mm-hmm. But obviously if I could use a cheaper tool, that would be better. So what did you find out? I,

[00:22:07] Josh: I think the two parts where it’s lacking is like, number one, I don’t know if it picks the best clips yet. Some of them are very good. Some of them are like either kind of random or like overlapping, you know what I mean?

Yeah. So it’ll make one clip that’s a minute and one clip that’s a minute and like 20 seconds of each is the same. And I see why, cuz it, like, what it claims is that it finds the most like vir, you know, the highest vir virality potential, right? So I guess maybe if, if that like overlapping 20 seconds is really good, maybe you actually want it in like multiple clips.

So number one is, Yeah, I don’t think it’s amazing at picking the best parts yet. And number two, some of the editing stuff is a little finicky. Like how you can change the format and the head, you know what I mean? Mm. It’s quite, like I said, it’s quite good if you don’t want to pay someone to do your, your editing.

Um, and or, you know, the video doesn’t have to be perfect. The clips doesn’t have to be perfect. You’re more just trying to like, push out content. I think it’s a great option and I think it’s only gonna get better. Um, I’m sure there’s some competitors too, maybe worth checking out. I don’t know what they are.

I haven’t tried them yet, but this one’s been pretty good. Um, so yeah, I, I mean, I think it’s a great strategy, right? Every week or two do a long form piece of video and then just cut it up and use that to post on reels, on shorts, on TikTok, blah, blah, blah. So that’s been good. Um, cross promo outreach on letter growth.

So I’ve done a little bit of that actually by email. Again, I forgot to do it on Discord, so let me keep this one in. I’ve, I’ve had a couple, sorry. How did the email go? Uh, the emails went a little bit better this time. I think. I think, you know, I used your script and I think maybe part of it’s luck, um, but part of it’s obviously the text that you use.

But I’ve had a couple respond. I’ve also had a couple reach out to me in the last, like month, so that’s been good. Um,

[00:24:11] Chris: Or, or maybe also the fit of the newsletter. Like what type of, what types of newsletter you reach out to.

[00:24:17] Josh: Yeah, I mean, I always go under the solopreneur subcategory, so it’s like pretty good.

Um, so I’m gonna keep that in. I, I do want to keep doing the outreach for that on the Discord specifically. Let me highlight that cuz I think I still sent emails. Uh, and Paul, if you’re out there, please build in in-app messaging please. But anyways, I’ll, I’ll check. I’m sure the discords more active. And then lastly, think about a strategy for immigration AI community.

So this actually went really well. So what happened was I just said, screw it. And I just launched a Discord community. I guess we haven’t been on in a while. Hey, it’s been like three, four weeks. So it just like kept coming up where like, I. Immigration professionals kept kind of like asking about AI and stuff.

So one day I was just like, screw it. I, I update, I already had like an old ow discord thingy set up, so I rejigged it. I, you know, I rewrote the description, took 15 minutes and I just started inviting people. I posted about it on LinkedIn and I just started inviting people. So for the last like month, every Tuesday at five 30, we’ve been going.

Not live. We’ve been having a voice chat on Discord, and it’s for Canadian immigration professionals who want to talk about ai. And it’s gone really well. They’ve been like anywhere from like three to seven people each week. And uh, we just talk for like 40, 50 minutes. Hey, what tools are you using? Are you using Chachi, bt, anything else?

What do you think? How do you think this is gonna change our industry in the future? Blah, blah, blah. Um, and it makes for interesting conversation. And then last week there was an event in Toronto called Collision and a, a couple of our clients were gonna be in for collision. So I did it in person. So last Tuesday, we actually met Tuesday night and had dinner at a restaurant downtown, and there were like seven or eight of us and it was great.

So I, I think there’s a good opportunity for us to do some more community building around this, where like, there’s not, there’s plenty of communities, but there’s not communities for. You know, this group of people to talk about things like AI and technology. So, um, I don’t really have a goal for that. I mean, I just want to keep, I’m just gonna keep running it with that weekly call.

So for, for the next two weeks, three plus cold calls per day, cross promo outreach on letter growth. And I’m just gonna write, like, figure out fundraising.

[00:26:49] Chris: Try the idea. We talked about it in the past, the idea of running kind of like a book club in a community. Um,

[00:26:59] Josh: well, that, I would say like, that doesn’t align as well.

Like, it, it’s mostly to talk about the tech side. Oh, okay. You know what I mean? Yeah. So it’s not really about, I mean, maybe, maybe, maybe it’ll, it’ll evolve into that. We do talk a little bit about that stuff, right. Inevitably we talk a little bit about. Because most of these immigration professionals are running their own firms.

So there is some chat about entrepreneurship running a business, solo entrepreneurship, yeah. Blah, blah, blah. But I wouldn’t say it’s like the key piece. So I’ll keep tabs on it if it veers more in that direction, could potentially do that. But for where it is right now, it’s, it’s also like nice and easy cuz it’s.

Low commitment, right? We just have one chat a week. I’ll post a few times throughout the week and send reminders and share tools and stuff. But other than that, it’s one voice chat a week. They’ve been going really well, so, uh, so we’ll see. So yeah, I mean, it’s summer now, right? Things, people are slowing down, people go on vacation.

It’ll be interesting to see how the next few months go. So, um, yeah. I’m going away for a few weekends over the next month or two. So anyways. Okay. Should we do, uh, we’re almost at the 30 minute mark here. Should we do some, uh, books and tools?

[00:28:22] Chris: Yeah, so I’ve been finishing a couple of books. I’m, I’m still on my one book a week streak.

Oh boy. And the last one, uh, we finished that I finished is. Still by Scott Adams. So I’ve been going on Scott Adams spree. It’s, uh, win Bigley Persuasion in a World. It’s what, where facts don’t matter. Winning. It’s called bigley. It’s called Win Win Biggly Bigley. And it’s basically about, uh, uses like the Trump election to talk about like how he used persuasion techniques.

So, and, and it’s not like pro or or against Trump, it’s mostly just tells you Yeah. Different persuasion techniques that, uh, that Trump used or that are used in politics. So it’s pretty interesting and yeah, good reminder of how we rational people can be and um, of the cognitive bias or the confirmation bias that we have.

So that was a really good one. What about you?

[00:29:32] Josh: Um, I’ve been reading, um, the 48 Laws of Power. It’s a, it’s a big book. Yeah. I mean, not only is it big, but it’s dense. Right. Not in a bad way. It’s just like, it’s a lot of pages. Right. It’s like, I think just under 500 pages. But it, every page is packed, right?

Like not only are they big pages, but then he has those like little stories in the margin. You know what I mean? Yeah. You read it, right?

[00:30:01] Chris: Quotes. Yeah. I started, it probably got like a quarter. I also have his seduction and mastery books, but I, I didn’t finish, uh, any of them. It’s super, I think they’re the best way.

Probably the best way to read them is not to like go from start to the end. Yeah, but like, look at the table of contents and look at the lessons and, and think, okay, what do I need to blur now? And use it as kind of like a one, like a tip.

[00:30:30] Josh: And, and he mentions that in the Forward too. He’s like, you can read it front to back or you can use it as like a manual.

You know what I mean? So I haven’t read it before, so I am reading it front to back. There are a, I mean to as a quick summary, it’s exactly what the title says. It’s 48 laws. And he talks about how, you know, you should follow each one if you want to quote unquote, you know, get more power. And so some of them I kind of skim through.

Some of them apply to you much more than others. Some of them translate better or worse to like modern day, right? Because what he’s done is basic. What it seems, and I think he mentions this in, in the, in the preclude or whatever it’s called, the forward, where he basically has like, Rummage through like thousands of books and stories and history and blah, blah, blah.

And what I really like is he tells, he talks about these laws using stories, right? But it’s a lot of like, you know, 15th century this and 600 BC that, which is cool. They’re interesting stories, but some of it’s like, oh, you know, if you’re, you know, don’t stay too close to the king if you wanna blob. You know what I mean?

So some of it’s a little bit less

[00:31:44] Chris: relatable maybe.

[00:31:46] Josh: Yeah, I think you can certainly apply them all, but some of them maybe not needed as much or as important as much. It’s very interesting. I think one of, one of the things that I, that keeps coming to my head is kind of like, huh, I never really thought of it that way.

You know what I mean? And I, and I like those kinds of books, but as big and as long as it is and as, and as dense as it is, it still is quite an easy read. He’s a good writer. It’s very succinct. He, he uses a lot of stories, which makes it much more interesting. So I think it’s really cool. It’s just gonna take me a little bit longer to finish cuz I, I only read at night.

Whereas I’m listening to podcasts in the morning and I’m flying through those. So

[00:32:29] Chris: are you still also reading fantasy books or Artes on hold?

[00:32:33] Josh: I put it on pause. I finished that first book, um, city of Brass, which was very good and I have the second one, but I had gotten back from vacation. I kind of wanted to get back into like a business personal development book.

So I’ll probably start reading the second one at some point soon. Uh, is a really good first book was really good. So, um, yeah, you, you, you had a couple. No,

[00:32:59] Chris: yeah, I’m going through the shadow of the God’s book, which is really, really good. Yeah. The only problem is, yeah, I don’t have much time. So typically before going to bed.

[00:33:11] Josh: Well, how do you, how do you break up what you’re reading when,

[00:33:17] Chris: uh, it’s most of my reading right now it is. Just listening to audiobooks in the morning and taking notes while I’m at the gym, those two hours. Right. And then throughout the day, maybe lunchtime, I’ll have another 20 minutes reading a Kindle book that I’m reading and Yeah.

Before going to bed that fantasy book. Right. That’s 20 minutes. Yeah. And I’m falling asleep. Yeah. But yeah, I, I, I actually want to spend some time. While I’m in New York or like travel, especially traveling there, uh, to read the fantasy book.

[00:33:51] Josh: Yeah. On the plane at night, in the morning with a coffee, whatever.

There’s a lot of nice parks in New York. You could just like, you know, set up for a couple hours with your brother.

[00:34:03] Chris: Yeah. I already planned my workouts as well. Oh, nice.

[00:34:06] Josh: Nice. All right. Um, all of those books and tools will be in the show notes. Anything

[00:34:14] Chris: else, Chris? I actually have one, one more tool that I wanted to Oh, yeah.

Recommend that I’m trying, uh, especially because you like networking and keep in touch with people. It’s called Clay.

[00:34:29] Josh: Clay. How do you C l A Y website? Yeah. Clay Network. Just. Uh, No, it’s, uh, personal crm.

[00:34:44] Chris: Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So personal crm.

[00:34:46] Josh: Unlock the full power of your relationships.

AI powered tools for cultivating amazing personal and professional relationships

[00:34:55] Chris: looks pretty nice. I’m trying it out. It’s a cool landing, landing page and uh, it basically links all your contacts from everywhere, like phone. Different social media, everything. Basically, it gives you like one single interface that you can merge multiple contacts.

Like for example, for you, I have, if I go on your card, I have all your information from all your social media contents, uh, contact, um, yeah. So, and it also remind, it shows you whenever someone changes something, like on their YouTube, uh, the bio, so you can keep in touch. So, huh. And like I said, reminders, notes.

So yeah, it’s pretty, it looks pretty nice. I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep using it, but I’m trying it out.

[00:35:42] Josh: Are you on the free plan? I think I’m

[00:35:46] Chris: on the trial.

[00:35:47] Josh: Trial plan. Okay. Yeah, try it free. Yeah. I’ll be int I’ve, I’ve actually thought about that before. Yeah. Of like a, you know, building like an app that’s kind of like a web of all your contacts and blah, blah, blah.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. I’m curious to hear, uh, how it goes. Yeah,

[00:36:04] Chris: the actual, like, the actual like, um, top feature that they are, they’re still in beta, I think it’s called Nexus. And basically it’s supposed to, it gives you kind of like a chat screen search, like a search bar, and you can search anything. Like, uh, for example, I’m going to New York next week.

Who do I know in New York? And it shows you all the people they know in New York, or That’s a great idea. Who’s in, who’s interested in books, uh, in, uh, in Italy? And it shows you all

[00:36:35] Josh: the people. You know what I, I thought about, I’ve thought about the, over the years, the, the two examples that come to mind is like, number one I’ve thought like just walking down a random street or like you’re sitting in a coffee shop and I’m like, Could someone in this shop be someone that’s in my network and I just don’t know?

You know what I mean? Yeah. Obviously that’s a little bit different. But then the other one was last week I was reading someone’s profile on LinkedIn who I like, kind of know, I’ve like known a little bit over the years and at the bottom of his profile was like, I love reading business books. Reach out if you like, need any recommendations or blah, blah, blah.

And I was like, damn, I’ve talked to that guy like many times and we’ve never made that connection before. You know what I mean? Yeah. So it’s like, what if, ah, if I had like brought that up, maybe things would’ve gone better or gone different or what, you know what I mean? So it sounds like a cool way to kind of bridge that gap.

So yeah, keep us posted, uh, on the next episode. Okay. All righty, folks. Well, I think that’s it for episode 11. Thanks for tuning in. If you’re on YouTube, make sure to like and subscribe to the channel. If you’re listening on a podcast platform, make sure you’re subscribed. If you can leave a review, that always helps.

If you think a friend or family member might, uh, be interested, send it their way. Other than that, you can find all the stuff in the show notes. You can find links to Chris and i’s blogs in the show notes as well. Chris, anything else before we head out?

[00:38:07] Chris: No, uh, I’m good. Awesome. I actually had, yeah, one last thing.

I had a really nice in-person meetup last Friday with, uh, 20 something other copywriters for the, I dunno if you know Copy Hackers. It’s uh, I’ve heard of it. Yeah, probably. Yeah. So basically I met with, uh, Joanna Weeb. She’s the founder of Copy Hackers and other copy pros in London. It was a super nice evening connecting with other copywriters.

Actually I should do more of that. So not only like trying to network for clients, but also network with. Competitors in a way. Just connecting, sharing ideas. It’s nice and it, yeah, helps you learn things that you maybe you’re not seeing or

[00:38:58] Josh: there’s some, there’s something about in person, right? It was the same thing like last week we did this dinner in person and it’s a lot of fun and I always leave going, should do more stuff in person, you know?

Yeah. Just because it’s gotten so easy with remote and technology to like do everything. Remote. Yeah. But yeah, there’s something, there’s a little bit of magic there about in person. So yeah, I, I think that’s probably a good thing to try and infuse a little bit more of. Cool. So I think that’s it for episode 11.

Chris, have a safe trip to New York. Thank you. Um, and we will see everybody in the next episode. Thanks soon.

[00:39:39] Chris: See you. See you

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