SG Podcast Episode 3: Selling Physical Products with Jeshua D. Noel

About Jeshua D. Noel:

Jeshua D. Noel is an author, entrepreneur, and aspiring educator. He is the owner and founder of Kaomi Peanuts where they are part of the peanut process at every level. They import unshelled, raw peanuts from organic farms, roast them in their home, and mix the butters by hand.

Key Takeaways:

1.   Thoughts on Passion

Passion is important, but it can also be a buzzword. Think about what you are trying to get out of your experience. If you are completely new and you just want to learn, it makes sense to just jump in and find a product or niche. Start selling and start marketing. 

After you learn, apply that knowledge to something you are passionate about. If you really want to work on that one thing, go for it. 

2. How to Start Selling Products

Etsy and Pinterest are good places to start if you are selling a physical product. Instagram is also really important for getting the word out. It is easy to make your product, but that level of grassroots marketing and getting the word out is really important.

Reach out locally. Even if you live in a big city, there is a local market for artisans. Get involved in a farmer’s market or run Facebook Ads for your location to market your product. 

Eventually you need to set up a website. Gather emails and use something like Shopify’s kit to automatically message customers. 

Overestimate how many supplies you will need. It is better to have supplies than to be bottlenecked and not have enough. 

3. Social Media Tips

Get on one or two platforms.

Automate your posts with something like Buffer. 

Use hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

Reach out to people and customers. Follow people, message them, and engage.

Find like-minded people to collaborate with.

Favourite Quotes:

  1. “If you know already what your passion is, you know what you care about, and you think there’s a market for it already… go for it!”

  2. “Things really start to line up and make sense when you’re trying. When you’re seizing the day, when you know you’re doing everything that you can to make a mistake the best it can be. When you know you’re taking care of yourself, things just seem to line up a little bit more.”

  3. “You need to have faith in your ability to create things, keep creating, and be confident in your own confidence.”

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