SG Podcast Episode 2: Putting Yourself and Your Business Out There with Darren Horne

About Darren Horne:

Darren Horne is a transformational consultant. He uses mythic story structure to deliver cutting edge strategies around social media, personal branding, and leadership. He will inspire you to be your true self, to battle fear, anxiety, and self-doubt, and embrace the modern world to fulfill your goals. 

After developing post-natal depression after the birth of his daughter, Darren realized that he had been living a life of fear. He believes that a restrictive education system and a media that profits off of our unhappiness wears us down. He strives to make the world a better place for his daughter to grow up in. Darren is a guide that can help you step out of your comfort zone, demystify social media, encourage you to own your own story, and courageously step in to the modern world. 

Key Takeaways:

1. Put Value on Your Worth

One of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do is put value on their time. Before setting your prices, write down every single experience and qualification you have. Write down what you know and the time it took to gain that knowledge. Then think about how much that is worth, and it will be more than you think.

2. Connect Authentically with Your Audience

Darren began making connections on SnapChat. He also talks about accountability groups, and how seeing others on his social media feeds inspire him to put himself out there. Talking on SnapChat helped him learn how to communicate and think about what kind of content he wanted to put out. 

Video is the best way to build rapport. Potential clients want to buy from people they feel like they know and trust. Darren tries to be real and authentic by showing his real life and including his daughter in Facebook Lives. 

Darren’s outlook on the world is courage, compassion, and curiosity. He tries to be that person, and he wants to make the world a better place. 

Favourite Quotes:

  1. “Stop keeping what you are doing quiet, just do it, and say that it’s your plan.”

  2. “If they know you, they’ll trust you, and they’ll buy from you. People want to buy from people.”

  3. “The impact you have on the environment that you’re in is huge. If you lead with intent, you can actually have a really positive impact on the world.”

Connect with Darren Horne:

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