A weekend at home, taking it to the next level and 4 hour weeks

Happy Monday folks, back with another weekly update – I don’t know why I keep saying “back with another” when it should be expected… but anywho.

What I’m working on

Covid has obviously made life more difficult (read: boring) for a lot of us, especially people like me who have been working from home the entire time. This has made my visits back to my hometown, Ottawa, even more appreciated than normal because I can:

– see family
– get a change of scenery from my 1-bed condo
– take a step back from work and do some good thinking “on” the business while not working “in” it during the day

We’re doing a lot of testing right now with Visto, both on the b2b and b2c front, which makes things feel a little less certain. Then again, we’re an early stage tech company, so I don’t know if anything is even allowed to be certain!

But I digress…

Things continue to go well, and I’ve also done some thinking about Solopreneur Grind and what I really want to accomplish with it. As many of you folks know, I’ve been podcasting and emailing about business for quite some time now (3+ years I believe?), but that’s really it.

No fancy sales pitches, or e-books, or other promotional stuff (crap?).

I started SG years ago to scratch an itch – I just wanted authentic content about business from “every day Joes”, so I started interviewing entrepreneurs on my own. It’s since grown into an email list, blog, and even some mastermind and in-person networking events (pre-Covid).

I definitely want to continue growing the brand, and maybe working in some more events – whether in-person or virtual – to do what I’ve wanted to from the start: help solopreneurs start or grow their businesses and have a good group of people to do it with.

What I’m pondering

I want to take SG a step further, to create more of a community and to also provide other options to those of you who want to do more than just read this blog.

Maybe you want an online group of entrepreneurs you can chat with or bounce ideas off of?

Or maybe a mastermind to meet with every 2-4 weeks to hold each other accountable, give advice, get advice and build genuine relationships with?

Or maybe there’s something else you’d love to get out of a community like this that doesn’t exist yet?

If any of the above sound appealing to you, or if you’ve been thinking of or wanting something similar but haven’t found it otherwise, I’d love to hear from you. The email list is usually the easiest way (as you’ll get an automatic email from me when joining) and/or hit me up on Instagram @solopreneurgrind as well!

Or heck, maybe you just like my blog and that’s it 😛 No hard feelings there…

What I’m Reading

I tend to stick to themes when reading, and if you read my blog last week, you know I was doing a re-read of Tools of Titans. Well, that also means a re-read of the 4 Hour Work Week by mister Timothy Ferriss. I’ve probably read this book 2-3 times already, but it’s pretty well-known for a reason.

Even if you aren’t looking to lifehack your way to a 4 hour work week asap, I still think it’s an incredible book to refocus your thinking and strategy in business. Full review next week when I finish it (about 50% of the way done).

That’s it for me, have a great week and keep grinding. Oh and if you want to get my weekly updates right to your inbox, definitely sign up for the email list here.

2 thoughts on “A weekend at home, taking it to the next level and 4 hour weeks”

  1. Hi Josh,
    Just responding to you Mar 8 blog “…taking it to the next level…”.

    I like your SG thing and your idea of growing it into some kind of mastermind group, mentorship thing with genuine relationships.

    I may not respond or interact much with your emails, but I do read them with interest. Keep it up!

    And thank you for the occasional responses you’ve had to my MailChimp blasts.

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