Working weekends, a tipsy afternoon and new website

Do you work on weekends?

Probably a hot topic, especially among solopreneurs.

And especially with all the work-life balance chatter that goes on these days. I have some opinions about it, although as per usual, I think it really depends on the person, business, goals, etc.

I personally like to work on Sunday afternoon. Here’s why:

First, if you’re trying to grow a solopreneur business beyond just a 1 person biz – and especially into the 6 or 7 figures – you probably have to put in more time than usual. If you’re not up for that, you may have the wrong goal.

There is definitely the potential to do very well without a ton of input these days, especially due to things like easier/more affordable tech, outsourced talent, etc. But if you want to build real, long lasting success, it’s probably going to take some hard work.

So first of all, embrace the fact that you may need to work more than 40 hours a week. Bonus points if you’re doing something you enjoy that doesn’t really feel like work, because it makes it easier to grind it out.

Second, the weekend is a much more peaceful time to get stuff done.

During the week you get bomarded with emails, to-do’s, meetings, questions from staff, etc.

Especially on busy or hectic days, it can be a whirlwind, and it can be difficult to get deep work done. Not so on the weekend.

Hot take: if you have one or two tasks that you’re struggling to get done during the week, schedule them on the weekend. Block the time, leave your phone in the other room, close your email – you’ll be more productive than ever!

And lastly, I find it helps me stay ahead of the game. If you’re busy and working lots, things can pile up, and taking 2 full days off can mean coming back to a big list of emails and tasks to do Monday morning.

And that can spiral out of control.

By setting aside a few hours to work on Sunday, I can get a few of those pesky tasks done, catch up on email and set myself up for success to hit the ground running on Monday.

Anyway, that’s just me and it’s what works for my situation. Take it and do with it as you wish!

This week I also had a 4pm meeting with an interesting potential partner, and we decided to go for a beer.

The meeting went well, and extended into a 2nd beer. Good news, right?

Well, not so good news for sober-as-can-be, low-tolerance, boring old Josh over here.

What I’m trying to say is that I barely drink anymore, and 2 beers got me tipsy as can be.

Yes, semi-embarrassing – especially since I’m a 6’3 male. But I think I have a good defence, because I simply don’t drink much alcohol anymore, so my tolerance is terribly low.

I don’t have anything against alcohol. In fact, I used to consume much more of it when I was in undergrad and law school, and I have nothing against anyone who enjoys it more often than I do.

But as I’ve gotten older, it’s fallen lower down the totem pole of importance for me. I don’t think it’s “good for you” so I generally avoid it, it also isn’t cheap per se, and as I get older year over year, the morning’s after don’t feel as fun when you’ve had a few too many, as they say.

So I barely drink, maybe once a month.

Luckily Sam had a nice big dinner ready for me when I got home, which – along with a big glass of water – helped bring my blood alcohol level down a tad (is that how it works?). But I certainly was not functioning at my highest capacity that evening.

I’m not sure what the lesson of this story is – maybe the lesson is to keep up a more reputable tolerance for situations like this, or to be more strict and stick to 1 beer in situations like those.

But once in a Blue Moon (that’s a beer pun), I don’t think it’ll kill us.

Last but not least, I gave the SG website a much needed touch up this week.

Not me – but a website designer I decided to hire. Here’s why.

As you know, the Solopreneur Grind brand and website has been around for more than just a few years now. I mostly use it to share content, like my podcast, blog, etc., sharing my busines journey.

To make a long story short, I thought it needed an update – largely because my design skills are lacking. And I wanted to give it a fresh, new look.

So I was connected to a site designer with a lot of experience using WordPress + Elementor (which is what I built the site with). And they spent the last week or so re-designing it.

You know when something is good, but not quite up to the high standard you want to set?

That’s what my old site was, and I wanted an upgrade. The new design of the site just went live, and I like it a lot!

It’s mostly the same text and layout, but with an improved design and color. I also wanted to upgrade the Join page a bit and try to promote my email list even more moving forward.

Still very much focused on growing Visto – my immigration tech company – for the time being, hence why I hired a professional to update the website, but I’d also love to get more readers on this email list to follow along on my journey.

And now that the website is updated, I’ll probably try some more growth strategies for the email list too.

Of course, I’ll share them as I try them out with you.

That’s it for me today with a quick solopreneur update, but if you check out the new website, would love to hear what you think of it!

Have a great day, make sure to sign up for my daily updates and business stories here, and keep grinding.

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