Tiktik videos, Youtube Shorts and Events, and branching out of your business bubble

Yesterday I mentioned that some of my Youtube Shorts were starting to pop off. And wanted to go into some detail on my strategy thus far.

Interestingly, my stance on Shorts has changed a bit in the last few months, especially as compared to Tiktok.

A few months ago I was all-in on Tiktok and thought it was probably the best video platform to be posting on, especially for short form videos/clips.

My stance has changed a bit since then, mainly for two reasons:

First is that there seems to be a decent risk of Tiktok being banned in the US. It’s definitely not guaranteed, but given the recent hearing in the US with Tiktok’s CEO, it doesn’t look like the US is the biggest fan of the company. Not saying it’s going to go away tomorrow, but worth keeping an eye on.

Second, is they seem to be slowly drifting towards the pay-to-play arena that Facebook and Instagram are more well known for. And by this, I mean it’s harder to get organic views and growth without spending money on ads.

For this reason, as I’ve continued to post short clips from the new Solopreneur Grind podcast – The Grind Mastermind – I’ve been posting them on both Youtube Shorts and Tiktok.

My Tiktok channel has shown some slow growth, but video views seem to be stuck in the 150-200 views per episode. Not terrible, but not great.

Shorts is interesting because while my average views per video is probably around the same, some of the more recent videos are starting to do better – getting into the high 3-figures, and some videos getting to 4-figure views too.

It’s too early to tell, and I think consistency is key here either way (I post a video snippet 4-6 times per week on both), but I think Tiktok is losing a little bit of the edge it had in the video space.

Note: Instagram Reels may be a decent option too, I just strongly dislike using Instagram.

Anyway, I’ll keep posting these snippets and let you know how these numbers develop over time.

Regarding the new podcast format, we also made a change and are recording it live (before we then scrape the audio and post the podcast version).

And if you want to tune into the show live, it’s every second Friday at 9am EST – which you can actually sign up for now that I’ve learned you can create Youtube Live events!

So if you want to follow along or watch/listen to the show live – which also means you can chime in, ask questions, etc. – then make sure you’re subscribed on Youtube here.

So far the episodes have been a lot of fun and a nice shake up from the interview-style show as well.

Lastly, I went to a solid networking event last week too.

And I think that no matter what kind of business you’re building or what your role is, it’s important and valuable to “get out of the house” once in a while, as they say.

Especially if you’re working from home.

What I’ve found is if you’re very focused on your business and working from home, or the same small office, or coffee shop, or coworking space, etc., it can be very easy to get stuck in your little bubble.

And that there’s extreme value in going out and meeting some random people, having interesting conversations and tell people about what you’re working on.

Not in a salesy way. There’s some magic that happens when entrepreneurs get out, mix and mingle with one another. It’s also refreshing and can give you a much needed motivation boost.

Because when you’re in your bubble it can be easy to forget that there’s a whole world out there, and to a random person, what you’re working on is actually really cool and something they’d never heard of.

And once in a while, it can be nice to hear that from an outsider. At least, from my experience.

Do you agree?

And if you’re feeling stuck in your own little business bubble, try it out.

Go find a networking event on Eventbrite, or whatever other platforms exist that can help you find cool events nearby, and meet some random people.

You’ll get a breath of business fresh air, and you never know who you can meet too…

Have a great day, don’t miss out on my daily stories from my business adventures here, and keep grinding.

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