Tightening up my content calendar and posting strategies for social media

Happy Monday folks, hope you had a great weekend.

Here was pretty good, with Saturday being very hot and relaxing, and Sunday a little more grey and productive.

One thing I did was circled back to tighten up my content calendar – aka my strategy on what to post, and when.

My biggest takeaway after years of creating content as a solopreneur is this: if you don’t schedule and try to optimize your calendar around it, it either doesn’t get done or slowly starts to deteriorate.

That’s why every few months I re-jig it. I look at what’s working, what’s not, what I enjoy, and I tighten up my plan on:

  • which platforms I want to focus on
  • what content I’m going to create
  • when or how often I’ll create it
  • how I can repurpose it to get the most out of it

Right now I seem to have struck a pretty good balance.

What I’m looking for, as someone without a marketing team, is to find the sweet spot between enough content and not so much time spent. In other words, how can I spend a little, not a lot, of time creating content, but get a ton of output and results from it?

It takes work either way, just like anything in business. But efficiency is important especially as a solopreneur (I have a small team for Visto and my law firm, but our “marketing department” consists of just yours truly).

I think I’ve found a pretty good sweet spot, mixing in a combo of daily posting (Mon-Fri) and also weekly posting/repurposing (I do it on Sunday).

I also recently started using the newer LinkedIn Newsletter feature.

Whereas I use this solopreneur blog for my daily lessons, takeaways, stories, etc., I use the LinkedIn Newsletter to send out every 1-2 weeks and give a quick highlight of my week and share some of my best content that I’ve posted recently (on LinkedIn, Tiktok, podcast episodes, etc.).

I’ve found this to be pretty effective so far, especially since LinkedIn is one of my primary social media accounts (I post the most there and Tiktok) where I have over 10,000 followers. Since LinkedIn is really pushing the feature, it’s led to me gaining over 2,000 subscribers to that newsletter pretty quickly.

It leads me to another takeaway I’ve had over the last few years: especially if you’re a small team, or in my case, a “marketing team” of one person, focus on 2-3 social media platforms MAX.

From my experience – again, in a situation with minimal resources – it’s better to go deep on 2-3 platforms than half-ass a presence on 4+ platforms.

Just one man’s experience, do with it as you’d like.

Overall, my biggest piece of advice for content creation is to be consistent – because I’ve found with “not-so-important” tasks like posting on social media, it can be a slippery slope.

You have one busy night and say “you know what, I’m just going to skip this one post.”

Well, then you inevitably have another busy night, and “skip just one more post.”

Next thing you know, you’re skipping 2-3 per week. And then just not posting anything at all…

So if you want to get something done consistently, just keep it simple and get it done. Don’t allow anything less. 

Reminds me of a lesson I heard for writers who give themselves a super easy task each day to help them get over writers block – something as easy as just writing one crappy page per day (for professional writers, who spend 6+ hours a day writing). It’s easy for them to do that, so it’s easier to just start writing.

And once you start, it’s easier to keep going. And before you know it, that one crappy page turns into 5 pretty good pages.

Anyway, now I’m beating a dead horse, but you get my point: especially when it comes to solopreneur content creation, schedule it consistently and don’t miss a day.

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