The Grind Mastermind Episode 7

Josh and Chris go live every 2nd week to discuss their businesses, recent progress, struggles and focus for the next few weeks.

Resources we mentioned:

  • Hotjar
  • Auto GPT
  • Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mastering Uncertainty by Matt Watkinson
  • Amazon Unbound by Brad Stone
  • Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist by Roger Lowenstein

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[00:00:00] Josh: Okay. Anyways, we’re live. I’ll, I’ll check that after we’re live for the Grind Mastermind episode nuMe seven. Chris, how the heck are you?

[00:00:12] Chris: Indeed. We’ve been grinding, at least I know I have. So I’m calling in from Italy. Back home for a week. I joined some of the Easter holidays and I just saw a message saying, Michael is unstable, so if I drop out, do you know why?

But basically, yeah, it’s been super packed last week working on a lot of client projects. I have like four and starting another one in one week. But yeah, everything’s going really well on that side. The only problem, yeah, I didn’t really have a lot of time to actually look into the, the Facebook ads, the info product side of the business, but I mean, the ads ran for a couple of weeks.

I have the results. I still just have to dig into them and decide basically on next steps. I slow, slow, slow down

[00:01:11] Josh: there. Cowboy. We haven’t even got into your segment yet. We, we gotta have a little mingle at the beginning. No, before we some Someone’s excited. Someone’s excited. Yeah. You’re, you’re a little grainy, but the audio’s fine.

So maybe worse case we can just, yeah, let’s keep pushing. Worst case, you can always just turn off your video, but so far it’s been fine. Cool. Yeah. I mean, holiday weekend, last weekend, so probably a little bit slower than most of our updates, but anyways, let’s jump in. You, you took a day off, right? Yeah, well I was traveling fri I went home Friday till Monday, so it’s like a four, four and a half hour drive.

So it was kind of like two half days. Well, Friday, Friday was pretty quiet anyway, so I don’t think I did much. And then Monday was kind of like a half workday once I got back. So, but anyways, we’ll, we’ll get into it. Thanks everybody for tuning in. If you are listening, we do record this live on YouTube every second, Friday morning, 9:00 AM Eastern.

Make sure to check us out on YouTube. We’ll have the link in the description. And yeah. Anyways, so let’s jump in. Every two weeks, Chris and I give a quick update on each of our businesses what happened in the last two weeks, and set goals for the next two weeks. And then we spend some time chatting about resources, books, tools, we’re using, all that kind of stuff.

Any who, Chris, you want to jump in, talk about your last two weeks?

[00:02:41] Chris: Yeah. So as, as far as the business overall is going really well lots of clients, lots of work. Some clients renewing as well for new projects and referring me to other clients, which are great. Just being super busy. So it’s kind of, obviously being an agency owner you always have those ab abs and flows of work.

And I was super glad that I spent a lot of time December and January to work on the content side because all the things that I built, even though I didn’t see direct results back then, I’m seeing the compounding effects of those. So all the content I produced audiences gradually building up. On social media.

That’s great. That’s probably one of the biggest lessons in the first quarter building. Yeah, working on the, on, on the business side of things, that doesn’t really give you direct returns whenever you can because that at some point is gonna start building up as far as my kind of side project, which is the info product side.

They launched Facebook ads and they ran for a couple weeks. I didn’t get any conversions, and that’s probably first because I am, I was told newbie at running ads, Facebook ads, so lots of learning there, lots of adjusting, which in itself is a big lesson. I collected some good data though that I, I still have to jump in into and, and look at.

But mostly, yeah, I noticed the videos work really well, even though the video that I recorded, I think personally I think it’s crap. I could have done it 10 times better, but I, I was in a rush, obviously, and I, the idea what it could, I saw which headlines and which pieces of copy were performed best, which was really good.

Yeah, so basically my next effort there is actually taking a better look at those results and then focusing on first testing a different version of the landing page where I will sending people two and maybe make a super short version and compare that to the other one. So AB tests, and then if I see the,

[00:05:09] Josh: I’m just writing these down.

So AB test, landing page and, and do you want me to put down like review data set? Yeah. Review Facebook

[00:05:20] Chris: ad and also edit a page, landing page,

[00:05:25] Josh: AB test and edit landing page. Any did you look at, did you look at any of the data, like anything to report on how the first. Couple weeks of like, are you getting decent costs

[00:05:41] Chris: to click or, so with the first one there was, because with Facebook you can choose your goal, and I didn’t have, I had no idea about that.

You can choose basically what goal you want. With the first ad set that I ran mm-hmm. I had

[00:05:59] Josh: sex. Chris, one sec. There’s there’s a lawnmower outside. Hold on a sec. Let me just go shut the door. I don’t know if you can hear it in the background. One sec. One sec. No. Oh,

okay. All right. Sorry. That was, that was bugging me. Of course, they have to do it on a Friday anyways.

[00:06:28] Chris: Yeah, so with the first asset that I ran, it was set as a traffic goal. Mm-hmm. And apparently Facebook adjusts your audience based on the type of goal. So I, I did get a lot of clicks on the, on that one, but no conversions on the page. And then I ran another type of ad, which was as a goal at leads. And on that one I got a very, like a lot lower amount of clicks.

And still no conversions. Hmm. So I still have to figure out whether the targeting was good, whether the type of ad is good. So I have a, I have a friend who I’m actually gonna ask to take a look at the ads to actually figure out what went wrong and what I’m messing up. Well,

[00:07:16] Josh: what’s, because the’s kinda confusing.

What’s the What’s the cost? Like, is the cost per click good? Because if the cost per click’s good, then you just gotta improve the landing page, right?

[00:07:26] Chris: In the, in the first, in the first type of ad, it was good, but I didn’t get any conversion, right? I’m not sure. And, and I, yeah, I also want to look at the user interaction data on the page, the heat maps to see what happened I still got to look into that,

[00:07:43] Josh: right? And, but did, did you have enough clicks? That it’s like statistically

[00:07:49] Chris: significant. The first one I got in the first one, I got 350 clicks, but I had no idea what happened on the page.

[00:07:56] Josh: So know. Right. And

[00:07:58] Chris: what about the second one? I got like

[00:07:59] Josh: 30. Yeah. So that’s click. That’s not really enough to tell, right?

Like if, if landing pages converted, like let’s call it like one to 4%, you don’t have enough clicks. Right. To even. You know, if your buyer’s that 50th click, you wouldn’t even know. So I, I would probably continue to run the leads campaign until you get more clicks. But yeah, I mean, 300 clicks and no conversions.

It could be cuz cuz like you said, the settings were off. But it, it probably, and, and or probably is the landing page or let’s see how the leads conversion. Yeah. Thing

[00:08:37] Chris: goes. Yeah, I want to test like a radically different version, like super short bullet, lots of bullets rather than the long form one.

Mm-hmm. Especially I, I will look to see, I will look at the recordings and the heat maps to see how far people scrolled on the page. Because if, if I see right away from the recordings that they look at the initial section and they bounce. Then I already know

[00:09:05] Josh: what’s happening. Right. What, what do you use for heat map tools?

Hotjar Okay. Just

[00:09:12] Chris: a free plan Cool. It’s enough for the type of kind of traffic that I. I’ll, I’ll

[00:09:18] Josh: note that down too in the, in the show notes, if you’re watching or listening after the fact. In the show notes, we’ll mention our, our the topics we discussed, as well as the tools that are mentioned. So feel free to check it out.

Okay, so

[00:09:30] Chris: we have, yeah, we can actually, we can actually upload the entire transcript if we want to. We are recording this.

[00:09:35] Josh: Well, I, I upload the transcript onto onto when I post the blog about the episode. Oh, okay. Yeah, so that’s already covered, but we’ll have better, probably better summaries and notes from now on.

Maybe we’ll mention that at the end in the tools segment. We’ll talk about we’ll talk about that. Okay, so AB test and edit the landing page. Review the Facebook ads data. I’m gonna say AB test, edit. And and review Hot Jar results for landing page and then review the Facebook ads. Anything else, Chris, in, in the next two weeks or, or is that kind of, most of it cause of the cause of the

[00:10:13] Chris: client work?

Lemme check because I actually had set other goals in my Q1 review. So by two weeks from now, which is April 28th, right. I have. Oh, by April 28th. Yeah. I basically wanted to also decide whether it’s worth pivoting the product idea into the, on the freelancer side. So rather than trying to sell a course to e-commerce founders creating something for freelancers or freelance copywriters, so that can be another goal, basically have, have a decision

[00:10:52] Josh: by then.

Right. I mean, you’re, you’re probably gonna need the two weeks to continue testing the ads first, right? Like, you gotta give the landing page a fair shot. No. Hmm. Yeah. Yeah, that’s true. Because un until you have more of one week Yeah. Un until you, until you have enough data, until you have enough clicks to that landing page, you, you haven’t really given it a chance.

Right. To make a proper evaluation. In my, in my

[00:11:18] Chris: opinion. Right. Yeah. I mean, it, it also, it also depends on how fast I want the results. Because if I set a budget, I, I, when I, when I did it, I set up 20 pounds per day budget. If I set up 50 pounds per day, I would probably get a lot more clicks faster. So it’s, it’s a matter of deciding how fast they want them.


[00:11:39] Josh: I think the tradeoff there is always, it’s always like speed versus like efficiency, right? Like if, if you want to do this really fast and budgets, this is in general for really any types of online ads. If you want an answer really fast, then budget isn’t a huge concern. Just jack up the budget within like two, three days, you could probably have your answer.

Or if you’re not in a huge rush and you want it to be a little bit more efficient and maybe money is tight, then you know, smaller budget and you can optimize a little bit every day or two. Those are kind of the two ways that I’ve approached it two different ways.

[00:12:16] Chris: Yeah. I, I would still have it run at least one entire week because we have to keep into account like all the different days of the week and to see how it goes, the trends and everything.

So a minimum one week. But yeah, let’s, let’s let’s not put it as a goal, but I’ll think about it

[00:12:35] Josh: depending on the result. Sounds good. All right. And yeah, just the, the typical solopreneur or early smaller stage service company right, is like, The ebbs, ebbs and flows of having lots of work versus not ha having any work.

Yeah, was talking about that the other day with a friend of mine, with a, with a new law firm, it’s all the same, right? Oh, crazy busy. One week, oh, I gotta hire, and then two weeks later it’s quiet. Oh, good thing I didn’t hire. You know what I mean? Mm-hmm.

[00:13:06] Chris: Yeah. Yeah. So I’m, I’m, I’m probably booking until the end of May now, so I don’t have like, Blocks of two, three weeks.

It’s pretty longer. Like it’s longer births of work and then mm-hmm. Maybe breaks. So that’s, in a way it’s not that bad. But yeah. For example, I haven’t posted a, a YouTube video in the last three weeks, one of my weekly YouTube videos. Mm-hmm. That’s a thing that I’m kind of postponing as well. But that’s also because I don’t really have a clear strategy for YouTube yet, and I want to sit down and decide what I want to do.

I, I found an editor who could possibly edit videos, so I just need to figure out what I want to do there and then

[00:13:52] Josh: decide. Yeah, I was, I was gonna ask is, is there a way you can, like, especially while you’re busier with client work, is there a way you can outsource some social media stuff so that you can still be kind of like building your list, building your brand even though you’ve got work booked for the next couple months, you know, being able to book out further and, and building that brand is always a good thing.

Yeah, I, I

[00:14:15] Chris: will probably, Outsource the editing, even though I want to first look into it, if I can find first to get my ideas clear on what I want to do, because you have to be able to explain what you want to get out of it to the editor before actually hiring one. So yeah, I just have to figure that out.

But yeah, this, this this person called me 500 a month for one video per week, which is not the bad. Or I could do like two a month for 250. Mm-hmm. So it would be feasible. And I saw the quality is really

[00:14:49] Josh: good, but what, what kind of videos would they, because you’re, you, you used to do the tear downs, right?

Is this gonna be something different? Yeah. That,

[00:14:57] Chris: that’s the other thing. So I still have to decide. That’s the main point. And, but, but the big, the, the overall idea that I have right now is doing some kind of mix up screencast videos, but also videos where I talk to the camera. Right. Shorter ones like

[00:15:15] Josh: five, 10 minutes.

You know what I think you should do? Here’s my, here’s my unsolicited advice that you definitely didn’t ask for. Mm-hmm. I think because you do such a good job with your daily email, what you should do is hire somebody that can just take your emails and repurpose the shit out of them for you automatically.

Mm-hmm. Right? Because you’re already doing that, like using Right, and you’re busier than ever, so it’s gonna be harder for you to record. You know, net new content for YouTube. So I would hire, like, or get your VA on this every day. Oh, that’s true. Take your email, cut it up into a couple pieces, post on, post it on LinkedIn, post it on Twitter, turn it, turn it into a short form, TikTok or YouTube short.

Right. With some random visuals in the background, whatever. I think that’s your lowest hanging fruit by far. Right.

[00:16:08] Chris: Without, without even me. Reading the email or anything? You already

[00:16:12] Josh: wrote the email,

[00:16:15] Chris: so, so how it would just display, text or what on the video? What, what would you show?

[00:16:20] Josh: Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, get them, get them hooked up with an AI platform that like converts text into video, you know?

Or just avoid video. Or

[00:16:29] Chris: just avoid video. Actually, I could, I could actually use, I still have to try it, but with Descript They, they, you basically record your voice and you can use basically an AI to speak with your voice.

[00:16:43] Josh: Yeah, there’s a few of those. Now try, there’s a few of those now, or just don’t do video if, if you don’t want, right.

You have all that text written. There’s like two to three LinkedIn posts, two to three Twitter posts per day, Facebook.

[00:16:58] Chris: Or I still do those. I already do those. Do like I turn every email into a LinkedIn post, LinkedIn newsletter, Twitter post. Does your VA do it? That’s one part that I’m kind of doing.


[00:17:09] Josh: Yeah. Okay. So just up that volume and you can convert them into the visuals. One, one thing. Oh, what I like, one way you could do it by video that I’ve seen is people on TikTok. We’ll have I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but they’ll like, it’ll be an audio of a Reddit thread. So it’ll be like a q and a from a Reddit thread, and it’s just a robot voice reading the text, and there’s like random, random video in the background.

Have you ever seen those videos on TikTok where it’s like, it’s like a robot talking, the top half of the screen shows you the text? Oh yeah. It’s like from Reddit and the bottom half is like, A video game of someone playing Mario cart or like some, you know, like a race car. You ever seen those videos?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Something like that. I’m not saying necessarily do like a race car, but those, there’s many accounts that have like big followings and it’s just like AI reading text and then like some totally random visual on the bottom half, I guess. Just to have your eyes focus on something. I don’t know the logic behind it, but I don’t know.

Try around with that stuff.

[00:18:18] Chris: I like the idea of repurposing the newsletter for YouTube because I like, in my mind, I had this idea that I needed to, to create like new content for YouTube every week, but I have like 290 emails, so basically 290 video ideas that I could just use and basically have use, like turn them into a script with chat G p T probably, and just maybe read the script or have my AI voice read the script and send it to a guy to make the video week.

Yeah, that’s a great idea. Yeah. Hey, I’m full of ’em. Yeah, I’ll

[00:18:49] Josh: probably explore that. Bills in the mail as they say. Yes. Cool. Anything else before we flip over? No, no, no. All right. So for Chris, the next two weeks we have AB test, edit, and review the Hot Jar results for the landing page and review the Facebook ads data.

Cool. Let’s switch gears. So on my end, I wanted to continue to cold call every day. Hire salesperson, touch up. So on the Vista side was continue cold outreach, cold calling, outreach, and hire salespeople. And then on the SG side, touch up and improve our join page and prep letter, growth outreach.

So on the Visto side, things have gone well. I’ve continued the outreach. It’s gone pretty well with a mix of cold outreach and like more marketing efforts that now seem to be. Working and I’m just gonna continue that. So I’ll, I’ll continue with that goal of 15 plus cold call outreaches per day. Plus we also hired a, a very small sales team in India to attack that region for us.

So I got that done. So let me remove that from the expanding baby. Yeah. I mean, it’s, it’s not, it’s through like an agency, which makes it a lot easier. Yeah. And you know, less time vetting and interviewing. And they seem to be pretty good so far. So I’m excited to see how that goes. I’m also excited not to have to do as much work on, on that time zone myself.

I can focus more on our time zone because I was spending a lot of time getting up earlier. Just because if you want to get those people on the phone, people from that part of the world on the phone. You gotta start earlier in the day. So that’s really good. So I’m gonna continue my cold call outreach and I’m gonna leave it as the same as it was for the last two weeks and just you know, get, get overseas team running and first we’ll call it like free trial user signed up.

So basically get that operation fully up and running. It’s been going good so far. Going well as they say. And mm-hmm. Try to get our first user signed up through them. Right. Which would be really nice for me. Now on the SG side, especially cuz of the holidays, I didn’t have much time, so, but I al I, I ended up doing something, I’ve been keeping up very well with my social media posting.

So I post. Five days a week on LinkedIn. It’s mostly immigration and tech stuff. But that’s been going well and kept up with my daily email and repurposed these these videos from this podcast. If anybody follows the solo printer grind, YouTube and or TikTok accounts we’ve been repurposing these into snippets.

That’s the other thing you could do, Chris is like, Just sit down and like record one video a month and just like talk about all the topics you’ve covered, just like a long form. Vomit video where you like talk for like 20, 30 minutes on all the things you’ve talked about in your email, and then just give it to the editor and be like, Hey, you know, break this up into like four long form videos and then break up all the videos into like 45 second snippets.

That could be another way, right? Because it’s, it’s so hard, right, to do some of that content stuff weekly, especially if you’re busy with work. But if you could do like once a month, Like block off like two hours in an afternoon or wherever, and just record like 30, 50, 60 minutes worth of video in one shot and just hand it over.

That could be cool too. But the snippets are really good. So I have somebody doing the snippets and then I just post them on socials and, and that’s been going good. Anyway, so I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m getting off target here, but What I’m trying to say is I didn’t have time to update joint page. Are you still posting on TikTok?

Yes. Well, I’m, I’m repurposing these, I’m not posting like net new content onto TikTok because number one, I, I just haven’t had the time. And number two, I still think that TikTok is probably. Gonna get banned in the us. And it’s already banned in some of the big countries that, that we, you know, promote our immigration services in.

So I’m like, ah, is that the best way to spend my time? I, I don’t know. I think in an ideal world, if I had more free time, I still would be, cause I still think it’s, you know, promising for now. But it kind of sucks spending time on a social media platform if you think there’s like a 50% chance that it’s gonna get banned in North America.

You know what I mean? So it’s tough, although I could do some work to move them over to other platforms. But anyways so what I’m trying to say here is I didn’t have time to update the join page. So I’m gonna keep that on the list and it’s definitely gonna get done in these next two weeks cuz I know what I have to do.

I just have to go in and do it. So I want to touch up the join page and then send out those letter growth outreach. What I did do is I touched up, I I, I had an old solo opener, grind discord community that I tried for something else like a few years ago. And and I was on Reddit and people were asking about like discord groups for accountability.

And I’ve been thinking about that for a while. I think you and I have maybe even talked, talked about it. Just like a community where even once a day you just check in, you write like your two, three main goals you want to get done for the day, and then at the end of the day you can react with like a thumbs up or thumbs down if you got it done.

Just like a quick hit, you know, I don’t wanna spend a lot of time in it. But a, a small community to keep yourself accountable, other like-minded people. So anyways, I put that together this week cause I saw a Reddit thread that was like, Hey, I’m looking for this kind of group. And I was like, oh, snap.

Maybe this is a sign that I should, you know, get it up and running and, and just see what happens with it. So I put it together pretty quickly. Invited a few people. I’ll invite you after if you’re interested. And if anybody’s interested, get in touch. You can find Chris and I at our respective links in the description of this, of this podcast.

Whether you’re watching or listening, you’ll see links to each of our websites. So yeah, I think I’m gonna smart start that very small. Just, you know, like I said, small accountability group daily, quick, you know, one shot, one sentence post in the discord and a reaction. So I don’t want it to take up people’s time, but I, I, I think it might add some value in terms of like quick accountability and then just see, right.

Take it from there while we’re all, you know, busy on all the other stuff that comes with running businesses. So so yeah, that’s been it for me. Yeah. We’re, we’re moving along. Vista’s. Vista’s been good. It’s, man, it’s tough. It’s tough selling tech. It’s tough selling new tech, especially to an industry that’s not used to using tech, but we’re getting some momentum, getting some paid users, which is good.

And building in some more really cool features. So yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see how she

[00:25:57] Chris: goes. I saw I read in your email that, that you are trying ai Yeah,

[00:26:02] Josh: so we, we already have, we we integrated chat g p t in like February and that’s been really cool. So we’re using the api, right? This is all Alex, my cto.

There’s basically one specific part that we automate. Using Chachi. So one part of an immigration application can benefit from having AI do the first draft for you. So we integrated with it in February pretty quickly. It didn’t take Alex too, too long. Alex is also really good at what he does. So like, I don’t know, maybe he’s faster than the average bear, but he integrated through the the a p I pretty quickly and now we’re looking at ways to improve it.

Make it, you know, even more custom intake, even more data to make the document even more personal. Especially because man, AI is such a, a hot topic right now, right? Like we’ve had people book demos just cuz they saw ai, right? Oh, I’ve heard of chat G P T before. I want to know what this is all about.

You know what I mean? Now that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best leads in the world, but just saying that you use AI for, for your whatever can sometimes get you more eyeballs. You know what I mean? So we’re gonna hopefully improve on it this month and you’re gonna market it even more and see how it goes.


[00:27:20] Chris: Did you hear about the new Auto-GPT thing that came out? No. What about it?

Oh, there’s a mega delay, man. But, but yeah, basically this Auto-GPT it’s kind of like a, it’s a new application or something that you can find, I think now only on GitHub basically open source. And it allows you to combine different large language models. So basically different. Apps like ChatGPT you can combine them and they can basically work for you on their own.

So you could basically have, I dunno, like ask this GPT thing, like if it was your va do some research on this trip. Plan me the trip, find me restaurants for the, this weekend in this place, blah, blah, blah. And, and these basically start talking to each other and working for you magically. Wow. So I, I still have to look into it.

I just heard the news, but that must be pretty

[00:28:26] Josh: crazy. Yeah, that’s I, I think everything’s gonna change in the next few years. Like, these tools are just nuts. I’m just gonna add that Auto, auto, G p T, so like a U T O. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. I’ll add that to the tools list and the show notes. Yeah, it’s, it’s crazy man.

It’s crazy. Do you want to quickly talk about books and or other tools for the week?

Yeah. Mean may maybe turn off, maybe turn off your video too cause your lagging for audio.

[00:29:04] Chris: Yeah. That might help.

[00:29:08] Josh: Better now? Yeah, it’s better now. Except now the video’s. Just me. I thought, I thought I’d be able to see your your picture still. Is it better? Yeah. This is, it’s awkward for anybody watching on you YouTube as far as books anyways.


[00:29:26] Chris: As far as books, I’m still listening. To, to total recall. But Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is really good you can, you can truly understand, like he was not only like a gym rat, he was truly like a business business guy. Like his mindset is all about like doing business marketing throughout his whole career, which is very interesting.

And the other one that I started, it’s called Mastering Uncertainty by Matt Watkinson, which is a customer experience consultant UX Designer. And I think it’s really good. It, it’s basically a lot about how to handle uncertainty in your career life in general. And one concept that. Stood out what was particularly this concept about affordable loss.

So basically it says instead of going for optimizing something, like reaching a specific goal, look at your next thing as, what’s my downside for, for doing this? Right. What’s the. What’s the maximum that I can spend without actually going broke, for example, and, and it’s the same thing that I’ve basically been doing with my ads, right?

It’s like, what’s the budget that I can spend that even if I don’t get any results, I’ll do, at least I would’ve learned. Right. Something What’s, what’s the title? One of Important Principle and Minds, it’s called Mastering

[00:31:07] Josh: Uncertainty Mastering. Uncertainty. Okay. I’ll have that in the show notes. Yeah, that sounds, that sounds interesting.

And, and like, pretty common amongst you know, the big entrepreneurs and the big investors, right? That are like, you know, cap, cap your downside, right? Mm-hmm. How can you take some, some risks that have potential high reward, but the downside? Is manageable, right? Or capped or, you know, not that bad. So, yeah.

Very cool. Yeah. All right. On my end, I finished I finished Amazon Unbound, so I took, I did the, the Chris journey as well. I read, I reread the everything store in Amazon Unbound, which, Really good books just to learn about Amazon and Bezos, whether you love them or hate ’em. Right. It’s a crazy story.

Super interesting. Lots to learn. So I’ll just write that down for the show notes. Amazon Unbound, and I just started rereading Buffett. So it’s, it’s a, it’s a biography on Warren Buffet and I just, I just think he’s a fascinating human and Success story. So I first read it a couple years ago.

Usually when I read a business book, if I really like it every like two, three years, I’ll reread it. So I think I first read it maybe like two years ago. Really good book, really interesting guy and life. And so I’m probably about a quarter of the way through that. And it’s really good if, if you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur you like business, you like investing.

Then I highly, highly recommend it. Buffet, I’m just writing it down here. What’s the book called? Buffet? Yeah, it’s, I think it’s just called Buffet. And then it’s like, you know, the Life and Times or some something of the American capitalist or something. What’s it called? Buffet. Yeah. Let’s see if the title pops up.

Buffet book. I’ll, I’ll put it in the show notes. But It’s really good. It’s, it’s really good. I highly, highly recommend it. Why is it not showing? I guess it’s because he’s been in so many different books. The essays? No. Geez. There’s a lot of books on Buffet.

[00:33:27] Chris: Did you read, did you read? The Poor Charlie Almanac?

That’s probably his most famous book that he actually wrote. No, I’ve I think it’s super expensive as well. Like, you, you cannot really find it on Kim or anything.

[00:33:42] Josh: Yeah. I mean, well, that’s written by Charlie Munger, right? His business partner. But yeah, I’ve, I’ve heard it’s really good and, and like there’s only so many in print, so it’s like actually hard and expensive to get it.

But yeah, I, I have heard that recommended many times. So one day I should I should read that as well. Yeah, I’m gonna find my version. There’s so many books on buffet. I just Googled it, so I’ll find it. I’ll put in the show notes if anyone’s curious.

[00:34:11] Chris: Yeah, I just heard, yesterday I was watching YouTube and I saw an interview about this guy, about his crazy story.

Do you know the story about the Ocul Oculus Rift founder? No. Palmer Luckey No. Fucking crazy. He basically, so I just Googled who’s Palmer Luckey Palmer Luckey is an American entrepreneur on the virtual reality headset company, Oculus vr. The Oculus founder sold his company to Facebook in March, 2014 in a cash plus stock deal worth about $2 billion according to TechCrunch Geez. But, but the thing that they don’t, I mean, they probably mentioned in the article is that, He, when he was 20 years old I think Bill Gates or someone else wanted to buy their company and he basically refused $1 billion, at 20 years old and then sold it for like two, almost 3 billion to Facebook.


[00:35:14] Josh: wild. Well, and, and also if he, if he kept some of that stock, he refused $1 billion if he kept some of that stock. I mean, Facebook went nuts over the net. Not nuts, but like the stock continued to go up to probably like 2020 if not longer. So if he held onto some of that stock, he, he would’ve made even more money.

Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, imagine saying no to a billion dollars. It’s pretty crazy.

[00:35:40] Chris: 20 years. Sorry. 20

[00:35:42] Josh: years old. Yeah. Cool. Anything

[00:35:45] Chris: that’s vision. Takes a lot of vision and

[00:35:47] Josh: balls. Oh yeah, that’s for sure. Anything else before we wrap up here?


[00:35:58] Chris: I think

[00:35:59] Josh: we’re good. All right. So we will call it a wrap for episode seven of The Grind Mastermind. Thank you for tuning in. If you are listening and you want to tune in live again, we do it every second Friday. Morning, 9:00 AM Eastern. Well morning, depending on where you live. You can check us out at well, that’s on YouTube at Solo Burner Grind.

If you want to check out Chris or I specifically, Check out the links in the description. There’s a link to the Solo Printer Grind website for me, and there’s a link to Chris’s website for him as well, especially if you want some copywriting UX help check that out. And we each have a daily email list.

So if you want to follow along day-to-day on our journey, we each write a quick email every day, sharing stories, tips, advice, all that stuff. Again, links are in the description. Chris, it’s been a pleasure as always. Have a good weekend everybody, and we’ll see you in the next episode.


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