The Grind Mastermind Episode 4

Josh and Chris go live every 2nd week to discuss their businesses, recent progress, struggles and focus for the next few weeks.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Chris’ giveaway results
  • Creating Facebook ads and funnels
  • Cross promotions and sales pages for info products
  • Cold calling and email campaigns
  • Website touch ups and re-design
  • Books: Crushing It! and So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Resources we mentioned:

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[00:00:00] Josh: And we’re live, sir. The Grind Mastermind, episode numero four. It’s gone pretty quick. Actually. March 2023.

[00:00:08] Chris: Grinding as usual. Yes.

[00:00:11] Josh: Chris, how the heck are.

[00:00:14] Chris: I’ve been, I’m good. I’ve been super busy. Actually started, uh, two new client projects and I got another one started next week, so it’s gonna be pretty busy.

[00:00:25] Josh: Don’t, don’t go into too much detail yet. All right. We’re, we’re just saying hello. You know, e e ease us into it. It sounds like it’ll be a good update. Awesome. Awesome. Cool. Well, I guess we can just jump in. We’re, uh, we were just talking before for those watching, either live on YouTube or, or watching the YouTube video.

I’m trying to figure out how to get an actual timer up on the screen so we can have like 10 minute blocks. Anyways, I’ll get it. I’ll get it ready for the next episode.

[00:00:53] Chris: And don’t forget the explosion when the timer goes out. .

[00:00:57] Josh: Now you’re asking me for a lot. I don’t know. We’ll see. We’ll see about that. I’ll get the timer.

We’ll start with the timer and we’ll go from there. Anyways, yeah, let’s jump in For, for, uh, any of our new listeners. Chris and I have been pals for a long time. and every two weeks we actually started our own, just like the two of us, kind of keeping ourselves accountable, kind of like a two person mastermind, catching up every two weeks, setting goals, and eventually we were like, well, why the heck don’t we just.

Record it and, and turn it into, uh, turn it into a show. So here we are. Thanks for tuning in. Uh, Chris will, uh, we each get about 10 minutes to go through the updates from the last two weeks and what we want to focus on for the next two weeks, and then we usually spend five, 10 minutes, you know, shooting the shit, talking about books, talking about other cool tools.

So, anyways, I’ll stop rambling. Chris, you want to talk about how the last two weeks go and, uh, what the next two might look like?

[00:01:49] Chris: Yeah, so my goal for more goals for this week were, uh, around blanching, a giveaway to my newsletter. Then I was working on a sales page for some one experiment, top secret experiment that I’ve been running, working on also, and also looking into cross promotions for the newsletter again.

So I launched the giveaway. The giveaway also is done. It’s completed. Uh, finished, uh, two days ago. I didn’t

[00:02:23] Josh: even win. I thought you were gonna fix it or something. Huh? I guess, I guess it was an honest, authentic

[00:02:30] Chris: giveaway. Just used King soon. It’s random .

[00:02:32] Josh: I’ve been, uh, excited to hear about it. How so? How did it go?

Did it exceed expectations, match expectations? Were you happy with the results? Um,

[00:02:42] Chris: I would say I was happy first just because I tried it and it was a good learning experience being the first time that I was doing something similar. Uh, as far as results I didn’t get, um, I still have to look into like the actual, like, concrete data and I’m not entirely sure.

How I’ll be able to do that because I don’t see referrals in, uh, in the platform. In the dashboard? Mm-hmm. , uh, I just see the, what the amount of people shared, so the entries, so it might be that I didn’t get any referrals, but I see 140 entries, so at least my hopes are that the brand name circled around there and the word got spread a.

That was my ma my main goal. I wasn’t hoping for a lot of subscribes, especially because my list, it’s still quite small and, uh, it’s also, there’s not like, uh, like influencers that are part of my list, right? So they don’t have huge communities, so mm-hmm. , it wasn’t expecting a lot of signups. Um, and also I was running cross promotions at the same time, so the data might.

A bit mixed in, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions for the giveaway. Right. But, but yeah, it was a, it was a fun and good experiment to learn something. Um, also it was a, a nice way to show to my list that I’m active, that I’m giving back in a, so yeah, it was good. And I’m just picking the, I picked the three winners, so I’m basically, , uh, email back, emailing back and forth to give them the price and prices now.

[00:04:27] Josh: Right. Would, would you do, would you do it again?

[00:04:31] Chris: Uh, maybe not until I reach a substantial amount of subscribers, so probably around 500 or a thousand subscribers so that I can get a higher return and also make it a bit more fun engaging. Right. Come up with something interesting. I guess

[00:04:48] Josh: that’s true. A, the.

the more, it, it’s kind of funny cuz you’re trying to do it to grow your list in a sense. Mm-hmm. , at least that’s one of the goals, but, um, the bigger your list is, the bigger the results will probably be. Cuz you, you have a bigger army sharing it on their

[00:05:06] Chris: socials Yeah. And stuff like that. Yeah. It compounds in a way.

And, and right now I’m only around 270 people, so it’s not huge. It’s not big numbers.

[00:05:16] Josh: Yeah. But I mean, considering where you started, What, half a year ago? A year ago? It’s, uh, it’s cool. Awesome. Yes, sir. So that’s cool. So what about, um,

[00:05:27] Chris: uh, I can go into cross promotions speaking for the list. Cross promotions on the other hand went super well.

I’ve used this platform, um, it’s called letter growth. I don’t remember if I spoke about it last time, letter growth, but it’s. It’s a free platform bay, uh, that’s built by this guy called Paul Macoff. I’m, I wanted to, to to do a shout out because he is a really good guy and the platform works really well, huh?

Completely free. You can join. They also invite you, for now it’s still free to a Discord group where you can talk about newsletter growth with other newsletter owners. I have to check that out. . Yeah, for sure. And, uh, yeah, you basically, you jump on the platform and you have this kind of dashboard where you can see and filter other newsletters based on, um, the, the niche, kind of the interest.

You can see who the target audience is, uh, what kind of target audience they would like to cross-promote to. Uh, and also what, what is the, their minimum. subscriber account that, that they would like the other newsletter to have. But even if I, I reached out to, to a couple newsletters who have like a thousand or a thousand subscribers and they, they want kind of the same amount of subscribers.

Even if, even though mine is only 260, I got a lot of, a lot of those bigger ones, uh, cross promoting for me as well. Hmm. So they, they don’t really mind as long as the audience, it’s a, is a. Right. So, so that, so that was good. And like consider in one day I reached out to 26 of those and I got a reply the same day by 15 or 16 Wow.

Saying they wanted to do the cross promotion. Holy crap. And I have, I have a, I’m keeping track of that on a spreadsheet now and in total so far I, I’m working on, yeah, those, those. I already booked a couple, already went live and I’ve already gotten subscribers. Not a huge number, but consider maybe for like one newsletter there was quite big, sent over like 10, 15 subscribers.

Right. It’s still good for free, considering it for

[00:07:56] Josh: free. It’s, it’s a great idea. I’m gonna have to check it out. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll talk about it in my update, um, cuz I want to do one or two more things first, but if you like number one, newsletters are in right now, right? Like they’re the thing to be doing.

Everyone in their mother has a newsletter. And if you read any of the strategies and guides and blog posts about how to grow, like cross promotion is one of the huge ones. , so this makes sense. I’m gonna have to jump on this cuz it sounds like a, a great opportunity. Yeah. Especially because if people are on other newsletters, you know, they like newsletters, right?

So kind of like what you were alluding to. If, if you can just find newsletters with a similar target audience, it’s uh, it’s awesome.

[00:08:38] Chris: Cool. Exactly. And, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be like super similar or super close as far as target audience, as long as they have interests that like intersect with.

we do a newsletter. That’s fine. Like people are willing to learn new things and if, if they like your personality, your website, when they get to the landing page. Mm-hmm. , that’s all. Uh, that’s all plus.

[00:09:03] Josh: Awesome. You want to go into, uh, goals for the next?

[00:09:08] Chris: Yeah. The, the other goal that I had was to get the draft of the sales page for that funnel done.

I just finished it this morning. Which I’m pretty stoked about. Nice. So the next step is I have to basically look into running Facebook ads with which I’m a total new beat app . I don’t know anything. If you have any resource or you ever done anything. I,

[00:09:32] Josh: I’ve done a decent Facebook ads. I’ve done a decent amount.

I’m by no means an expert, but, um, it’s, it’s. , when you open up the screen for the first time, you’re gonna be like, what in the world is going on ? And then it’s one of those things where you spend a week or two or three doing it, and then it starts to click. And I feel like it’s one of those things that can seem very complicated.

It’s actually quite simple. The beauty is in, you know, actually cracking the code. Having a really good visual, really good text, the right targeting, et cetera, et cetera. So So is one goal what? Like learn. Learn like, do you want it, do you want the goal to be set up Facebook ads or learn about Facebook ads

[00:10:15] Chris: or in two weeks?

Yeah, I would say

[00:10:19] Josh: come up with an in, like an in-depth strategy or.

[00:10:22] Chris: Do you think it’s realistic to launch Facebook ads? Maybe not. No.

[00:10:26] Josh: Yeah, I mean, it depends how much time you want to put into it, right? Theoretically, or technically in like two, three days, you could have an ad up and running and, and the beautiful thing is you can test with such small amounts, right?

That’s what the, the beautiful thing is. So like, if you wanna hustle and get it out, You could have an ad running this week and just spend five bucks a day. Right. And see how it performs. Yeah. And then continue learning. So it’s, it’s kind of up to you. I would probably recommend spend a day or sit down for like 2, 3, 4 hours.

Uh, we’re, we’re gonna have to clip this as like, how to get into Facebook ads. Um, sit down for like 2, 3, 4 hours and just like goo, you know, YouTube it Right. How to. , make sure it’s more recent videos because the ads manager has updated over the years, or I think Facebook even has a course right now. All these platforms have a course, right?

Like Google has a course on their own, you know, stuff. So if Facebook has a quick course, do that or just watch like the top five to 10 videos on how to set up Facebook ads in 2023. It really comes down to man, like once you get into the weeds, it. targeting, right? So set up your target audience, what ages, what locations, what interests might they have?

Like there’s all these things you can, you don’t have to, but like you can search by, right? So for you, it might be like men between 25 and 42. who live in, maybe you want to do it by UK or you know, maybe you want to include Italy cuz you have that. Like you can pick specific countries and cities and then you can say, I want people who are interested in Gary V and Frank Kern, right?

Mm-hmm. like you can get really into the weeds. So number one is targeting has to be really good. Number two is the visual. It can be a photo, it can be a carousel, it can be a video, blah, blah, blah. It has to be a showstopper, right? You wanna stop people in their scroll, cuz on Facebook they’re probably scrolling.

And then third is the text, right? The copy. I don’t have to tell you how to do that. You’re, you’re pretty good. And then the last thing is, where are you sending them? Right? So the landing page, it sounds like you almost have it ready and obviously, you know a thing or two about landing pages, that’s all you need, right?

Yeah. So easier said than done. Disagree, but yeah. .

[00:12:44] Chris: Yeah, I know like the guys in this course that I’ve been following to build this funnel, they basically said that Facebook got, the algorithm got really good. So once you, once you find your way into the right targeting, it becomes pretty much automatic.

Like they are able to really fine tune it automatically on their own. Mm-hmm. based on the responses. Uh, but yeah, in two weeks I still actually have to build the what? The landing page. I have the copy ready. I just, I basically have to put it live on the website, so that’s gonna be. Okay. So I would say, I would say just uh, start learning about Facebook ads and maybe plan the strategy, learning from the strategy plan, strategy form, build the ads.

and build the lending for

[00:13:30] Josh: Yeah, the, the, their stuff’s really good. The other thing I would recommend is, um, do a lot of testing, right. So, because you can’t spend so little per ad come up with like 2, 3, 4 targets and then 2, 3, 4 visuals, and then two, three if you want to go deep Right. You don’t have to do this.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then just have like 10 versions, plug five bucks a day into. And then you can just start tuning down or tuning up ads that are working or not, right? Oh,

[00:13:57] Chris: okay. You can run them at the same time, right? Yeah. You can

[00:14:00] Josh: do whatever the hell you want. As long as you’re paying Facebook, you can do whatever the hell you want.

Right? So what, what I would probably do is come up with like three, three or four markets, three or four variations of the ad, and run a version of each to each. , so you’ll have like 12 and then see which ones

[00:14:18] Chris: perform. So consider, consider the audience. It’s, it’s quite specific already because the offer is already specific.

So it’s e-commerce, six figures, maximum e-commerce. Business owners. Founders. So that’s the target audience. Okay. So I have to, I have to find,

[00:14:33] Josh: maybe you, you’re gonna have to find proxies, right? So, yeah, so like you, you can’t click like e-commerce owner, right? Unless they might have that, I don’t know if they.

They have some occupations, right? Lawyer, doctor, blah, blah, blah. But I don’t, you know, they might have entrepreneur, business owner, but they’re you, you can’t click like six figure e-commerce owner. So the way around that is you, you try to find some proxies, right? Like, they, like Doyle, br, uh, not Doyle Brunson, uh, they’re Russell Brun.

They like Russell Brunson. I think Doyle Brunson was like a famous

[00:15:05] Chris: poker player. Can you Russell. Can you also use podcasts? Because I know, uh, podcasts that they listen to, I’ve also been on, on a, on an

[00:15:12] Josh: eCommerce podcast. So you type it in and you can see if it comes up. Some of them might. Okay. Like an interest in the Joe Rogan podcast, for example, probably comes up.

Yeah. The, the, the, the small ones. I don’t know, but go test. Mm-hmm. if you, yeah, just make the, the target. Odd. Make a couple of them. Cuz you never know what could click and what could not, and. Ex, like the algorithm takes over and then you can in the future just use what they call lookalike audiences.

Mm-hmm. . So you can just tell Facebook, Hey, just pick people that are like the people from my last thing that worked. You know what I mean? So, yeah, don’t overthink the audience too much. Um, but I would, especially if, if I had like a team, if I’m talking to a business owner who has like a team right now, and they, you know, this is very important, I would definitely have like 3, 4, 5 audiences, 3, 4, 5 ads, and then every week cut the ad that’s doing the.

and test a new ad to see how it goes against the, the, uh, competition. Yeah. Anyways. Okay, so is that it for the next two weeks? So we have learn about and plan strategy for Facebook ads build, landing page. Anything else that you wanted, uh, in there?

[00:16:17] Chris: No, pretty, pretty excited to see how the Facebook ads go just because I’m interested in learning and also.

[00:16:24] Josh: Is, is this for the email list? Is this specifically to global


[00:16:28] Chris: No. Okay, cool. No, no. This is for info product business. So basically I want to start and develop the info product, but why

[00:16:36] Josh: don’t, why don’t you, why don’t you take a page out to Ben Settle and try to promote the email list, get them on your email list.

and then upsell the info product, right? Because then at least you have their email. No ,

[00:16:49] Chris: no, no, no, no. Just like I have this whole plan. . All right. I, I’ve already, it is basically like, uh, and I’ll dive deeper maybe once it’s live, but basically you have this whole funnel upsells stuff that basically the whole purpose, it’s to work kind of automatically,

[00:17:07] Josh: but what if they click and don’t, but what if they click and then don’t?

[00:17:11] Chris: So the goal for this launch, I, I still have to build the product, right? So this is gonna be basically testing the offer mm-hmm. . So if they sign up, I’m gonna add them to an email list and then I’ll build the product. So that’s the strategy. Right now, I’m not investing a ton of time on building yet. Oh, okay.

So you don’t have it ready. Okay. If the idea

[00:17:32] Josh: work. Yeah, if so, you’re pulling the Tim Ferris, right? You’re kind of like, yeah. You know, testing before building. Okay, cool. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll be curious to see how this goes. Cool. Yeah, me too. All right. Anything else before we flop over? Uh

[00:17:49] Chris: uh. No. Pretty much done.

[00:17:53] Josh: Okay. I need you to quickly read my two or three cuz I’m in a different page to update the next with our new goals, it was reach out to 20 people, finish the website, I think. Right? And there was a third one, I can’t remember.

[00:18:08] Chris: Uh, when outreach per day finish the SG website, including joint page and key messaging.

[00:18:19] Josh: Yeah, I

[00:18:20] Chris: think that’s it. Oh,

[00:18:21] Josh: it was just those two. Okay. I

[00:18:23] Chris: thought there was cold email, lunch cold email campaign.

[00:18:26] Josh: Oh, right. Okay. So we, we did that. We did the, okay, so we’ll start on the Vista side. Been a pretty good two weeks. I’d been doing a lot of, um, outreach. I started doing cold calling for a couple days, but then we realized that Alex, my cto, started the cold email.

and I would, and so people would get emails and calls before an email, then an email before a call. The same people, yeah. . Cause we started at the talk, we both started at the top of the list. Yeah. So anyways, but what we realized was that. . It’s actually a good idea if you’re more strategic about it. The problem was I would call someone and I didn’t know if they had gotten an email or not, and they were like, oh yeah, you’re, I got the email.

And I was like, huh, what? You know what I mean? . So anyways, so we took a step back and we said, okay, let’s integrate this stuff. And now Josh is gonna cold call a day after people receive an email. So we’re putting in place a system where first people get our first email cause we have a sequence. They get the first email, then I’ll call those people the next day.

So, and now I have it in my head, right? Oh, hey, did you see my email? Blah, blah, blah. Now it, it was actually interesting and, and I think it’ll work because, for example, one person I was able to convert into a demo because I called them and they said, oh yeah, I saw your email. It actually does look interesting.

But you know how that happens, right? Somebody opens a cold email, it might look interesting, then their phone rings, then their dog peas and they’re gone. Right? Yeah. , they forget about you. So I actually think combining the cold email or LinkedIn or whatever with the cold call is actually a really good, um, dynamic.

So anyways, I’m gonna revise that. So it went well. Um, but we’re gonna.

[00:20:10] Chris: Yep. So, so why is it are, are you two guys doing it like separately? Why do you send the email and Alex does the call. He, why don’t you? He’s

[00:20:18] Josh: the techies. He, he’s just said, no, I’m doing the calls. I’m doing all the calls. Okay. He just set up the campaign cuz he’s good with text.

Ah, all right. I’ve set it up before, but we, we wanted to divide and conquer. Mm. . And so then after a day it hit us like, wait, we, we need to synergize these two things. Yeah. Right. So I’m gonna say, um, you know, continue. , um, cold call outreach, um, in sync with cold email. So that’s been pretty good. Um, the cold calls get EAs like the first, the first 10 suck, and then the first, the second day kind of sucks.

And then, , it’s not so bad once, once you get into it, I think part of it is if, if you’re just really specific and direct and you’re targeting the right people, it’s not that bad, right? Because what’s everybody’s biggest fear of a, of a cold call? Somebody yells at you, right? But if you’re selling e-commerce, whatever, and you’re calling e-commerce people, the worst they’re gonna say is, oh, that’s interesting.

Like, no thanks, and that’s it. And you hang up and you dial the next number, right? So it’s not so bad. If you get a good. You have good crisp messaging. Like I get right to the point, Hey, do you do this? Are you interested in that? Yes, no. Okay, great. If they are, hey, do you wanna set up a quick demo? Blah, blah, blah.

So it’s, it’s going pretty well getting into a good system that the, the last thing I’ll say is, um, get having a good system set up so you can create no additional excuses in your. Right? Mm-hmm. have the list ahead of time. Have the name, have the number, have the website so you can just go bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

Cuz once you get a couple going, it’s like anything, right? Once you do the first few, you get into a rhythm, you keep going, one of the calls converts, you get excited, you’re feeling good, so you’re more motivated to keep going. So anyways, I’ll have more to share probably in two weeks about it. and cold calling I feel like is probably a little bit underrated, these points cuz people are so used to technology and automation.

Yeah, for sure. Um, so anyways,

[00:22:19] Chris: so that’s number one. Do you find that they find that these people that you call are kind of surprised when you call them? Or are they used to cold calls or getting It’s a good,

[00:22:27] Josh: it’s a good question. Um, let me think about that. Not, not really surpris. I think the key is you need that great two sentence, one to three sentence pitch the hook, right?

Because they pick up and they’re like, hello? And I’m like, hi, is this blah, blah, blah speaking? Yes. Who are you? You need a really good answer to that question, right? Or who are you? Or who’s this? Or what’s the, what’s this about? Right? Yeah. If you have a really good answer to that, you’ll keep. , at least there’re to give you a respectable answer.

And the answer could be no. Right? Mm-hmm. , but they’ll be like, oh, okay. Yeah, no. Like a lot of these calls, even when they say no, they actually end with thank you. Right. And again, this takes some practice and having a good strategy. Like I have a, I have a sales advisor who’s helped me a lot over the last year or two, so I’m in really good hands, right?

I’ve done sales myself for the last five, six years anyways, but I have a, an advisor who’s, an a plus salesman. Mm-hmm. , right? So he, he, like, I didn’t go in blind with this, right? Yeah. , but like, Hey, yeah, who the, who the heck are you? Right? Oh, I’m Josh. I’m an immigration lawyer. I’m just wondering if you guys do a lot of this type of work because we have blah, blah, blah.

You know what I mean? Um mm-hmm. . And so if you have that, and it’s right to the point. And it hits that target because you’re targeting the right people. Then it, it goes pretty well, and they’re, they’re not that surprised. And so usually the answer is, ah, no, we, you know, we don’t really do much of that, but that sounds interesting.

Thanks for letting me know. Right. Or, yeah, that actually is interesting. You know, tell me more. And then blah, blah, blah, et cetera, et cetera. Cameo is watching live and says, 100 without 100 emojis. Nice, nice. I have somebody who, uh, who agrees. So anyway. cold calling. Super interesting, fun experience. I’ll, I’ll probably be doing a lot of it over the next few months so we can share more about it, just cuz we’re, we’re getting behind here on schedule.

Um, I’ll quickly talk about sg So on the SG side, got the website finished, thanks to your introduction, so Oh, cool. Redesign the website. Let’s see. Check it. . It looks 10 times better I think. Cuz I’m a terrible designer and she’s an actually good designer. Oh wow. Um, like the colors, so yeah, she added the, the blue, which is kind of nice.

Yeah. And the design is just better, right? It’s just, uh, yeah. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s just better soer for those of you who want to check it out. And the only thing I have to touch up is I might touch up the join like she did the design of the join page. I think I want to touch up the copy a little.

Okay. And, um, I have to reset up the actual join box, um, because she just set up, set it up with like the Elementor widget and I need to hook it up to a Weber mm-hmm. . So, um, to actually collect the email. So anyways, so we’ll say, um, so that’s good. And then once I have all that finalized, I can start.

Implementing all these things that you’re testing before me. You’re, you’re, you’re my testing dummy Chris. So based on what works for you, you get it big. Yeah, exactly. . So we’ll say, um, finalize, join page on SG site and then I’m gonna say pick first growth strategy to test. And I feel like I might try out this letter growth that you mentioned cuz it just, it just makes so much.

[00:25:49] Chris: Yeah, I would say, I would say I would try one. One sponsorship with the budget you have that you can start, there are some that are even like $250. Mm-hmm. , I will pick one sponsorship and, and go fully into cross promotions. As many as you can get. Right?

[00:26:08] Josh: Okay. So pick for sponsorship, you can, I’ll put in brackets, um, sponsor and or cross promo, and I’ll put here letter growth

[00:26:19] Chris: for the sponsorships you can use, uh, swap.

[00:26:25] Josh: what’s it called? Swap stack. Swap stack. Like s w A p Stack. Yeah. Okay. See, this is why we have this show people. This is great. I don’t have to do any research now. I have everything

[00:26:38] Chris: cofounding of ideas. .

[00:26:40] Josh: That’s it. You want to quickly, uh, talk about books or any other cool tools that,

[00:26:45] Chris: uh, I finished another book?

Yes. Nice. What’d

[00:26:48] Josh: you finish?

[00:26:49] Chris: I finished. Uh, so good. They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport. Did you read

[00:26:56] Josh: it? I’ve never read it. I’ve heard about it many times.

[00:26:59] Chris: What did you think? It’s really, really good. I was interested in learning about, um, learning, like reading it because I’ve, I’ve, I’ve heard about it a lot of times as well, but never got to it.

But lately I got more interesting into learning about. Because I’ve, I’ve, I realized that, I realized that I, I’m getting really passionate about like this business stuff and sometimes it’s even, it’s even funnier to be more exciting to like work on building like business stuff than just maybe, I don’t know, uh, go out or something.

Getting drunk. I stopped drinking by the way, but, uh, I’m getting really passionate about it. And one thing, , uh, like realizing that a passion doesn’t have to be this high calling like this, you know, this calling that munition can be just mastering your skill, your skill set. Mm-hmm. . And that’s one of the main things that the book is about, which is basically all about, um, like the full, you get fulfillment and, uh, meaning like a meaningful career by getting.

Passionate about building your skillset, building mastery, and working at it. Mm-hmm. . And there’s a, like one good quote that he says is, um, you have to get good before you can expect good work. Hmm. Which is basically all about like master one skill. Get really good at it, and you’ll find eventually the passion, the purpose that you’ve been looking for.

It doesn’t have to. You don’t, you don’t have to feel cold by a higher God or something. . Right?

[00:28:41] Josh: I think that’s probably been, yeah, O over o overemphasized by like all the gurus online, right? The word passion gets inflated, et cetera, et cetera. Cameo says, I’ve heard about it, but not Reddit too. I’m just gonna plug for those of you watching or listening, Uh, we do record this live every second Friday at 9:00 AM Eastern.

So check out solo opener, grind on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe and follow if you ever want to tune in live as well. Cameo. Thanks for tuning in. We appreciate it. Cool. Uh, I finished crushing it, so not only did I finish crushing it, I actually made a video book review. So many of you know. Yeah, I saved it.

Oh, you did. Nice. Let me know what you think.

[00:29:23] Chris: Yeah, I have to watch

[00:29:24] Josh: it. Yeah, so I’m in the middle right now, of which I think you reminded me of, um, the everything store. I’m rereading the everythings mm-hmm. . You read it a couple weeks ago, right?

[00:29:34] Chris: Yeah, I’m, I’m actually recently now to also Amazon Unbound.

[00:29:38] Josh: Okay.

Yeah. That’s, I’ll probably read that next. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve read them both already, but every couple years I, I reread the good ones, so I’m in the middle of the Amazon store, uh, the everything store, which is. , I finished crushing it, which is if you’re trying to do anything, you know, resembling what, like Chris and I are trying to do, build a tech company, build a business, build a personal brand.

I think it’s a great book to read. Crushing it. The, the second one because it’s more updated and it has all these cool success stories that stemmed from the first book, crush It. I’ll put the link in the, uh, so I recorded a video because I find. I don’t know. I, I, I like writing the book reviews and, and I send book reviews to my daily email list, so, so make sure you’re on that.

But I feel like I can be far more expressive in a video, right? When, when I like click, click play and I can just kind of talk it out. I’m posting it in the chat if anybody wants to check it out after this video. Um, have you read, crushing it? ?

[00:30:37] Chris: No, I have it, but I still have to get to it. Okay. You should definitely just examples of pv or does he also like teach, like lessons, goes through his own like, yeah,

[00:30:51] Josh: so, so here’s the two things he does, the three things he does, number one is he tells you about like his approach to social media, why you should be doing.

Why it’s so important to build a personal brand and like some of his key principles, right? Being authentic, adding value, blah, blah, blah, testing, blah, blah, blah. Then the second thing he does is he talks about the main platforms and how to approach each one, right? How to, how to post on YouTube versus how to post on Facebook versus whatever, right?

So that’s another reason why you should get crushing it, which is the most updated. because Crush it was from 2009, and the platforms have changed since then, right? Mm-hmm. . And then the third thing he does is he weaves in these success stories. So like under the YouTube chapter, there’s a, there’s a real life example from a reader who crushed it on YouTube, right?

Hmm. So it’s really good. I, I highly recommend it if you’re posting a lot of content or trying to get into posting a lot of content. It’s a great read cameo says for sure. Gonna check it out. Awesome. And, . The beauty is like anything, it’s not rocket science, right? Like Chris, you specifically, you’re not gonna learn a ton that you didn’t already know, but it’s gonna put the pieces together in your head and it’s also gonna motivate you to get, you know, get moving.

Right? Yeah. So it’s a book I’ll probably read. It’s the second time I’ve read it. I’ll probably read it every two, three years and, uh, yeah, highly re. .

[00:32:22] Chris: Yeah. That, that, that’s well said. Like, one thing that I realize reading these like biographies is that we, we often undervalue the motivation that we get from these books.

Mm-hmm. , and, uh, sometimes that’s what you really need. Like you need to hear like people who’ve done it and people who have been successful at it to really like, motivate you and push you forward. ,

[00:32:48] Josh: that, that’s probably half of it for me, right? Like at this point I, I’ve read a lot of books and you’re not gonna read too much.

That’s new, right? Um, now if, if you’re trying to get into something new, like for example, Facebook ads in your case, right? You might want to go consume more content to learn more about Facebook ads. But like in this case, you know, maybe I was getting de demotivated about posting as much content. I, I reread, crushing it.

I’m like, damn. Yeah. Frick, Gary, you’re right. I gotta, I gotta keep pushing it. This, this is what I’m working towards. Right. It kind of like resets the vision and stuff like that. Um, similarly, if I’m feeling like unmotivated in business, I’ll pick up like Shoe Dog or the everything store, whatever, read about one of these founders that had to really grind it out, you know, before they whatever, even though I’ve read the book before.

Right. But it’s, it’s that reminder. I also find, I don’t know about, But I find that almost every time I read a book, you’ll actually pick out something a little bit different from it because of where you’re at in that stage. Right? You’re at a different point in your life, a different point in your business.

So the most important takeaways might actually change a couple years later on. A reread.

[00:33:58] Chris: Yeah. I, I, I use this, uh, it’s, it’s, uh, like a, an app that basically collects all my highlights into one. It’s called Read. Hmm. And sometimes I get a formal from seeing those highlights because it reminds me, oh fuck, this book was great.

I won’t reread it, but I don’t have the time. I’m reading it. 20

[00:34:18] Josh: more books. Right? What’s, what’s it called? What’s that

[00:34:22] Chris: tool called? Read Wise And, uh, it syncs up if you’re interested.

[00:34:27] Josh: I just like R E A R E A D W I S E, Reid Wise,

[00:34:32] Chris: altogether. Cool. I’m gonna show. I’m gonna plug my, the video that I just posted on my channel, which is basically all about the, my system from learning from all stuff that I read.

So if you go on the Conversion Alchemy channel, the latest video, it’s all about that. It’s a 20 minute video on my system using Read Wise and all this stuff, se send

[00:34:53] Josh: me the link. I’ll put your video and my video in the show notes as well. We’ll link to all this in the show notes, right guys? So if you read wise and letter growth and all that kind of stuff, cameo says Read Wise is really good.

Okay, cool. I’m gonna have to check it out. Awesome. Anything else Chris, before we wrap up for this episode number four of the Grind Master.

[00:35:15] Chris: No, I think that’s a lot of stuff already , so yeah. Gem packed, .

[00:35:20] Josh: Awesome. Well, thank you everybody for listening. Cameo, it was great to have you Make sure if you’re watching on YouTube, like, like subscribe, all that good stuff.

If you’re listening on the podcast after the fact, please make sure to sub and like and support on whichever. Uh, that you’re listening to on review, leave a five star, whatever, all that fun stuff. We will be back in two weeks, Friday, 9:00 AM Eastern, and, um, we will continue to share our thoughts, feelings, successes, failures.

It looks like Friday’s the 31st of March. Do wait, no, not the 31st. Sorry. The 17th. Yeah. , which is St. Patrick’s Day here in Canada.

[00:36:09] Chris: I’ll be one year older because my birthday is on the 14th.

[00:36:13] Josh: Oh, damn. Okay. , make sure, let me write that down. Chris. S b day. All right, well, um, that’s it for us. Cameo with the thumbs up.

Thanks everybody for tuning in. Appreciate it. Make sure to like, follow, subscribe, all that good stuff, Chris. Have a good two weeks and we will see everybody in the next.

[00:36:36] Chris: Let’s keep on the grind,

[00:36:38] Josh: keep it going

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