Tech progress, real estate in Toronto and Jobs review

Hey folks, had a hectic month and getting around to updates now – so let’s jump into another solopreneur business blog update:

My last week(s) in business

It’s been busy in a good sense (I think!).

We’re chugging along on our new product for, which is on pace to start testing in December and launch to the public in January. Yesterday, the tech guys gave me a showing of where it’s at so far, and it’s getting real close to completion.

As a reminder, our platform will make it easy for Canadian companies to find, interview, sponsor and manage foreign tech workers they’re bringing to the country!

While I’m involved in the design of the product, my focus has been more on sales and operations. While the tech isn’t ready yet, we’re already selling our service in a more manual way (I always recommend this – try selling your service in a manual/low-code way before you build or even think of building a web/mobile app!).

We’ve already got a few paying clients, with 7+ more companies using our tools to interview tech workers… here we come!

What I’m thinking about

Real estate.


Because my girlfriend and I decided to find a place to move in together and since my current condo is kind of small and not conveniently located for her work, I decided to sell it and buy a bigger one more north (around Yonge and Lawrence for any Torontonians on the list).

Very exciting (the move in, and the fact that I’ll actually have a proper 2nd room for an office now!), and also time-consuming to go through a sell and buy at the same time.

Real estate seems to be the most reliable, long-lasting asset/investment class on earth, and I’m definitely happy that I “got into the market”, but it makes moving a little more difficult.

This might be a topic for another update, but I think the decision of whether to buy or rent depends on too many variables to simply say “you should” or not, especially if you’re building a solopreneur business where income can be all over the map.

What I’m Reading

I finished Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, a great read even on the second time through (as I read it a few years ago). Overall, a great book and story about probably the greatest product creator in the world – the fact that he and Apple changed so many industries, from computers, to music, to tablets and more is just mind-blowing when you really think about it.

Definitely worth the read, and you can check out a blog post and video I made a few years ago on my 3 key takeaways from the book here.

I’m currently halfway through Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount in an effort to improve my b2b sales game, and will discuss it in my next update!

Have an awesome week, feel free to share or forward this to anyone you think might enjoy reading my bi-weekly updates and book recommendations, and keep grinding.

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