Shifting to product, pricing interests and an okay read

Hey folks, back with another solopreneur business update and book review, let’s jump right in:

My last week(s) in business

It’s been a breath of fresh air over the last few weeks shifting from fundraising mode to product and sales. While fundraising is part of the process when it comes to most tech companies, it’s a bit of a different beast (which I’ve written more about in previous emails).

While I have less experience on the tech product side, I love it. There’s something about breaking a process down into tiny steps, figuring out the best way to show it to users, and optimizing every step for a smooth user experience that I find fascinating.

Also, and especially if you’ve never built a tech product before, you quickly learn to get really good at giving direction and breaking things down. Similar to hiring someone new, you realize the person you are instructing may have no idea what you’re asking for or how to implement it – so providing extreme detail and clarity is essential.

Anyway, will talk more about product as our design and implementation continue!

What I’m thinking about

This and last week, I’ve been thinking more about business models and pricing – a topic that seems relatively simple on its face (hey let’s charge $0.99 for that apple), but can be much more complicated as you dig into it and depending on the complexity of your offering.

In our case, we’re fleshing out the service offering around our immigration platform, which will help companies find tech talent from abroad, relocate them to Canada and keep them here too (features to help with compliance, renewals, etc.).

This has led to questions around how much to charge, how to charge it (lump sum, monthly fee, etc.) and how to get as many companies interested in trying it and coming back for more. 

As we make more decisions on specifics, I’ll be sharing more!

What I’m Reading

I’m about 80% of the way through Rise and Grind by Daymond John. More than the usual books I tend to read, this one is pretty motivational – more “rah rah” so to speak.

I will give my full review and recommendation in my next update once finished, but it hasn’t been my favourite. It’s definitely readable and I’ve definitely taken a lot out of it, but it’s got more fluff than I usually want or need in a book.

That’s it for me for this week.

Have an awesome week, feel free to share or forward this to anyone you think might enjoy reading my business updates and book recommendations, and keep grinding.

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