Personal Updates and Shiny-Object Syndrome as a Solopreneur

I recently realized 2 things:

  1. I’ve been alluding to a newer project of mine without going into details on what it is, and
  2. I focus a LOT on the difficulties of being a solopreneur, and haven’t talked a lot about the good side!

In part, I didn’t go into detail on #1 because I had nothing to show for it (although I do now, which I’ll get to in a minute), and in part because the internet can be a scary place to share stuff.

But in keeping with one of the primary goals of Solopreneur Grind – authenticity – I’m happy to share that I’ve been working on a software company to help skilled workers immigrate to Canada on their own.

Think of it as the Credit Karma of immigration – but instead of giving free credit checks and then suggesting credit cards and other financial stuff, we give free tools to help navigate the entire immigration process and provide additional services along the way for things like getting your documents reviewed by a lawyer, finding an apartment in Canada, bank accounts, internet provider, etc.

Link to the free portal is below – would love any feedback on functionality, ease of use, clarity of language, etc. and note, we are continuing to work on improving it and adding new content every week.

Link here.

The interesting part of all of this, and touching on #2 from above, is how when you find something that really clicks – the business makes sense, you like the industry, you like your role, etc. – there is a whole other level of excitement and motivation.

And it doesn’t feel much like work at all.

What’s important is to realize whether it is or isn’t just the shiny object syndrome. It’s easy to try something new every few months and feel a little bit of that excitement. It happened with my firm, with Solopreneur Grind, and with some other side projects along the way.

But some of this excitement fades, depending on how good of a fit the new “project” or business is. With SG, it’s been over a year and here we are – so I knew it wasn’t just a 2 month-type excitement.

I’m thinking it will be similar with Visto, which we’ve been working hard on for over 8 months now, and there is a very specific goal to make money with it – unlike SG (which is purely a passion project with no revenue).

Anyway, wanted to shed some light on what I’m working on and my thoughts around how to think of or treat excitement from a new project. And as always, happy to hear yours.

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