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Happy Monday folks, back with another business update. Some fun and hopefully insightful stuff to get your week started, let’s jump in:

What I’m working on

The grind continues, as you all know, with my focus being two-fold:

1) My immigration tech startup, Visto, is starting to get some traction on the b2b side as well. We started out building software to help people immigrate to Canada, and now we’re seeing that some of these tools can be used by lawyers to better serve their clients too.

We always had b2b in mind, but it presented itself earlier rather than later, so I’ll be focusing a big chunk of the next 2 months on b2b sales. Coming from professional services, this is an area I’m more comfortable with and am looking forward to the challenge.

2) Personal brand. We’ve all heard it, we all know how important it is, but it’s tough to get right. It’s also tough to grow while trying to focus on business growth, too.

But I want to make more of an effort of growing my personal brand through things like this email list, the SG podcast and other socials, like Twitter (@joshschachnow1) and most recently, Clubhouse (@joshschachnow – let me know if you need an invite!)

What I’m learning

I feel like entrepreneurship is a wild ride, but every once in a while, one of the “keys to entrepreneurship” circles back to the top of my radar. Things like staying mentally and physically healthy, listening to your audience, focusing on your niche… these (and others) tend to be core principles that you need to be cognizant of, and that circle back once in a while.

Most recently, it’s been “working efficiently”. As things continue to be busy (I think as entrepreneurs we need to stop acting like “being busy” is a rare and special thing – it’s a way of life as an entrepreneur), and I try to balance #1 and #2 above, it’s important to be aware of how you’re spending your days.

It’s usually good to do an audit every few months to make sure you’re spending them wisely.

What I’m Reading

On the last chapter of a re-read of Crushing It, by Gary Vaynerchuk (so should be of no surprise that I mentioned personal branding above :P). I think there’s a wide range of opinions on Gary, but my opinion is this:

He’s a smart, successful, hard working guy, and if you take him in doses, there is a LOT you can learn from him.

If you’re looking to build your personal brand, or improve your social media game, or just learn more about the different platforms and how to use them to grow your business, it’s a very recommended read

Have you read it? What did you think

That’s it for me, have a great week and keep grinding. 

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