Maximize Productivity as a Solopreneur by Customizing Your Home Office Space

Working remotely might simultaneously feel like a privilege and a liability. You can save money, gain more time and enjoy greater job satisfaction and productivity; however, working from home has its pitfalls. You might be more prone to distraction when your bed is mere steps away, social media notifications are lighting up your phone and the laundry needs sorting.

Being home can have you feeling pulled in multiple directions, so it’s important to set up shop correctly to maximize focus and output. If you rent your apartment or house, you may be limited in making changes. Fortunately, you can design an effective home office with these simple tips presented by Solopreneur Grind.

Carve Out Space

Working on the sofa might be convenient, but it can hamper productivity and blur the line between work and home life. To stay organized and focused, you need to create a designated work spot. If space is limited, do double duty: Convert one room into an office by day and a playroom for the kids by night. Signal your brain when it’s work time by flipping on a special lamp or using a certain chair. You can even install a murphy-style desk for ultimate day-to-night conversion.

Make It Your Own

A home office can be an excellent canvas to make your design style and personality shine. Bring in loved furniture and wall decor and add curtains and accents in colors that speak to you. If you have pieces of furniture that are damaged or out-of-date, have them reupholstered for a fresh look. Before you get a quote and meet with a company, search for “chair upholstery near me” and read online reviews from previous customers. Know what might affect the cost, such as the size of the furniture, the type of fabric, and whether you’d like a more bespoke design. Prices vary: A large sofa reupholstery costs anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500. Reupholstery can be a great investment for renters because the furniture goes with you anywhere and doesn’t require landlord approval.

Bring the Outside In

A home office can benefit tremendously from the addition of greenery. Studies show that indoor plants improve air quality, heighten productivity and boost mental health. Consider plants that do well indoors and require minimal watering, such as bamboo, peace lilies, or the aptly named money tree.

Provide Appropriate Lighting

Place your desk in front of a window for natural light. Also, remember the crucial need for task lighting and invest in a table lamp or multidirectional floor lamp. You could also install a dimmer switch and shelf or cabinet lighting to enhance your work processes throughout the day.

Think Long Term

If your current residence leaves you fighting for scraps of square footage just to check your emails, it might be time to look into other options. Do some research and get to know the housing market in your area if you’re thinking about buying a home. A discerning realtor can help you determine your needs and discover what’s on offer. When you’re looking at homes, think about how you use your space and time and which layouts best accommodate your current lifestyle and plans for the future.

Whether you’ve been working remotely for years or have not yet taken the leap, you can successfully create an atmosphere that encourages productivity, creativity, and concentration. Begin today and find out how much more you can enjoy your workday from home.

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