How we’re using Chat GPT

Has a day gone by in the last few months without someone mentioning Chat GPT?

Well, in case today was going to be the first day for you – I think I just ruined it.


Anyway, I think there’s no denying AI is already – and will continue to – changing the game. Especially for businesses, and especially for solopreneur businesses that try to get the most output from minimal input, like solopreneurs, small startups, etc.

I also find it really interesting how different so many peoples views are on things like Chat GPT. On one hand you have people embracing it and trying to do the impossible, and on the other, people who are scared crapless and think it’s the worst thing in the world.

Still the very early days in the AI scheme of things, but I think that as solopreneurs, we have to find ways to embrace it and benefit our businesses accordingly.

Not saying you need to rush to use it right now, but especially as some of these AI tools get better, the businesses that do embrace AI – and reap the rewards from using it – will far outclass the ones who don’t.

Just my opinion, which of course could be wrong.

It’s also something Chris and I chatted about in the most recent episode of the Grind Mastermind podcast, where we go live every 2 weeks to chat about our businesses, how the last 2 weeks went, our goals for the next 2 weeks, and cool tools/books we’re into.

Of course, Chat GPT came up as Chris is using it for a whole whack of awesome, time-saving activities for his copywriting business, and we’re using it to improve our SaaS product at Visto.

If you want to watch or listen to the full episode, which I highly recommend, you can check it out here.

And if you want to get updated anytime we release a new episode, make sure you’re on the email list here.

Have a great day and keep grinding.

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