How to grow a following on LinkedIn as a solopreneur

Hey folks, back with another solopreneur blog update and hopefully some helpful tips on how to grow your LinkedIn as a solopreneur.

As many of you know, along with running some immigration businesses, I’m always trying to improve my social media and personal branding game as a solopreneur.

This week, I’m spending some extra time taking a LinkedIn course to improve my game.

I’ve been posting pretty consistently on LinkedIn for a few years now and am just under 11,000 followers, but I think there’s potential to grow even bigger and faster.

And the easiest way to grow, in many cases, is to learn from those that are ahead of you.

So I decided to buy a course on LinkedIn content creation and growth from someone way ahead of me, who I also follow and like on LinkedIn.

I’ve got a pretty good routine for posting on LinkedIn already – I usually post 4-5 times per week – but think I need some help with solidifying my profile/online persona, getting more consistent with my messaging and improving the structure of my posts (ie. how to write posts that hook people in and get them to engage with it).

So far, so good.

Some quick takeaways from finishing about 40% of the course that you may find helpful:

  • consistency is huge – don’t overthink or stress it, make sure to post (ideally everyday)!
  • have a defined sub niche of what you want to talk about and be known for. “Marketing” is very broad – niche down further to help generate topics to write about and to be known as “the guy/girl” for that one thing (ie. email marketing for gym owners)
  • even more important than good content is a good hook/start of your post. This needs to stop people from scrolling and get them interested to read the rest

It just so happened – in the very same week – that a guy I follow on LinkedIn posted about connecting with other founders and solopreneurs who want to grow their LinkedIn reach.

Since he crushes it on LinkedIn and also lives in Toronto, I reached out!

Long story short is we had a great chat and he gave me some good feedback on my LinkedIn habits.

So here’s some even more LinkedIn tips for solopreneurs:

First, we talked about and agreed on the power of LinkedIn. While some companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to recruiters to find them talent, smart solopreneurs are building their following on LinkedIn so whenever they want to hire, they just make a post about the open position and boom! Resumes come to them.

Of course that’s just one application – there are SO many more benefits to having a big following as a solopreneur, but I digress.

Second, he showed me – using data from my OWN posts – that including pictures in your LinkedIn post actually reduces reach and engagement.

This isn’t the case for every single post, but on average, pictures do NOT perform well on LinkedIn.

“Why not?” you may ask, as I did.

His explanation was that we’ve been trained, from scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, etc., that photo = ad. And of course, ad = bad. So people tend to scroll right by photos on LinkedIn.

This was very eye-opening to me, because I was under the impression that it was good to add photos, videos, etc.

Anyway, those are two key takeaways I got and as always, I’ll make sure to share more as I get them.

And make sure you’re on my email list here, so you never miss an important update or tip. Have a great one, and keep grinding.

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