Getting out of a book funk and solopreneur lifestyle tracking

As many of you know, I love reading.

I read every single night before bed, both because I think it’s a great way to consume content and it’s a great way to wind down and fall asleep (as opposed to staring at a screen).

Once in a while I get into a weird “funk” where I can’t settle on a book. I start one, I read 50 pages and I just don’t connect with it.

So I try another, and sometimes another…

Doesn’t happen often, maybe once or twice a year, but it happened the last few weeks.

Usually when it happens, I go back to a book I’ve read before that I loved, and it’s usually a biography/autobiography of an entrepreneur (my favourite kind of book).

In this case, I went back to Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.

It’s one of my all-time favourites, and I could go on and on about why… but I’ll just say this: if you’re an entrepreneur, or want to get into business, read the book.

And my key takeaway from all of this is: if you’re in a funk of any kind (with books, business, relationships, etc.) – reset to something, somewhere or someone that you’re comfortable with. You’ll recalibrate and for some reason, I find it helps me get back on track.

Side note: read my book review and 3 key takeaways from Shoe Dog here.

The reality is that if you’re building a solopreneur business, these kinds of funks will happen and it’s important to keep tabs on why.

For example, I didn’t realize this when I first got into solopreneurship, but what I’ve come to realize – at least for how my body/mind works – is I effectively have 2 health bars.

One health-bar is short term. Did I get enough sleep last night? Have I been staying active and eating well lately?

If I keep those things in check, I’m quite effective day-to-day.

The second health-bar is a long term one.

Am I pushing myself hard for months on end with no vacation? Am I taking time away from my solopreneur business to just… relax?

From my experience, if I don’t take at least a week off every 6-8 months, that long term health bar drops and I can feel it.

My takeaway?

Don’t underestimate the importance of rest, and keep those two health bars in mind at all times.

Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the grind, but it will take its toll. And could lead to things like business or book funks that you could have otherwise avoided.

That, or learn the hard way… like many of us do.

Anyway, have a great day, and keep grinding – or don’t if you need a rest!

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