Fixing bugs and filling up the gas tank

Happy Wednesday folks, back for another solopreneur business blog. This week I continuing on with the tech testing for our new immigration software.

We’re getting closer and closer to beta testing, but is it ever a process to thoroughly test new tech.

Especially if there’s a lot of logic to test, to make sure it all works.

The process we’re in the middle of is basically something like this:

  • I test the tech and record down things that aren’t working as expected (bugs)
  • our tech team goes in and makes the fixes
  • I go back in and do more testing, making sure bugs were actually fixed and noting anything else important down

Rinse and repeat until we’re confident enough to start beta testing with some real users.

Now we’re to the point where we’re really trying to grind it out asap, so the team is fixing bugs while I test the ones they’ve already fixed.

It’s a lot of repetitive work, but it’s also kinda cool because every day, we’re getting closer to being finished. One bug fix at a time.

And banding together to test, give feedback, make fixes, re-test, etc.

Side note: if you or anyone you know work in the Canadian international student space and may want to beta test with us, definitely let me know.

Otherwise, as soon as we’re done testing, I’ll be shifting focus more to marketing, sales, getting feedback from our testers, finalizing pricing, etc.

Safe to say, it will be an interesting and exciting few months although some days feel a lot slower when you’re just testing the same technology over and over again.

This “things feeling slower” also usually happens to me closer to the holidays, especially if I’m overdue for some time off.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I find that I need a proper break and step back from business every 4-6 months.

Doesn’t have to be anything long or crazy, usually something like a full week off from work/email/etc., but I’ve found that pushing much more than that without a decent break actually has dminishing returns.

Meaning my work, energy and focus start to suffer.

Luckily I have some nice time off scheduled around New Years, and hopefully you do too. And if or when you get focused on building your business, don’t forget that we have a gas tank, just like a car.

You can push and push and grind and grind, but over time, the tank will slowly empty. And if you don’t refill it, the car (aka you) simply won’t run as well or as far.

I’m sure we’re all a bit different – maybe you need more time off or less – but we’re all humans. Well, everyone but Elon. Don’t know what that guy eats (and not sure I want to…).

Anyway, here’s to being more intentional, strategic and appreciative of our time off as a solopreneur.

Have a great day, make sure you aren’t missing my daily business stories and tips here, and keep grinding,

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