Ditching Focus, Spending Time and How to Write – SG Weekly 93

Hey folks, back with another SG weekly update on my last week in business. An exciting week gone by and ahead… let’s jump in, or listen to the audio version here:

What I’m working on

The B2B grind sure is a different beast than B2C. I’m not sure I’m doing this whole “focus” thing right, and I’m not sure I recommend abiding by what I’m about to say, but we’re still pushing hard on both the b2b and b2c fronts.


Well, we started b2c and I think that’s where the long-term vision always was, not to mention where we can really “change the game”. I started Visto, this immigration tech company, with the vision of building tech to replace lawyers.

But the tools we’ve built so far are also attractive to the lawyers themselves, because they can use them to save time and money – a win-win.

I’ve always believed in niching down and staying focused… but I think both avenues are too opportune to ignore for now. Will keep you posted on how that pans out.

What I’m learning

Whether you’re a solopreneur running a business of your own, or the CEO of a growing company, I’m learning more and more how to spend my time most effectively. And by that, I mean outsourcing or off-loading things that you might not want or should do.

As an advisor told me last week, the CEO probably shouldn’t be doing things that can be outsourced by a VA. Instead, the CEO should be building the business, guiding it towards its end goal and ultimate vision, and off-loading anything that isn’t in a small number of activities that add the most value, and to the bottom line, for the company.

Oh I also remembered to surround yourself with smart people/advisors… they can make all the difference.

What I’m Reading

You know those book boxes you sometimes see at the side of the road? The Give a Book, Take a Book type things?

I always keep an eye out for those, especially when I have a few books on my shelf I don’t think I’m going to read – so I can trade up, of course.

Anywho, I picked up one called “Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content”. It’s pretty good so far, but slightly more of a manual, meaning it’s less entertaining at the end of a long day (I read before bed every night).

About 1/4 of the way through, may have it done next weekend for the next weekly email.

Lastly, special announcement: going live on Clubhouse tonight to host a few previous podcast guests to talk about starting and growing small businesses – make sure to follow me on clubhouse @joshschachnow to see the event and tune in.

That’s it for me, have a great week and keep grinding. And if you like these updates and want them right to your inbox each Monday, make sure to join my email list here!

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