A shifting schedule, my backup business plan and the Firm

My last week in business

The biggest shift in the last few weeks has been switching from more of a b2c focus to a b2b focus for my “main hustle”, Visto.ai, where we’re building immigration technology to automate the process of immigrating to Canada.

We recently started white-labeling some of our software that we initially built for b2c clients, because immigration lawyers and consultants also wanted their own version for their website. Just another lesson from the tech world that you never know how and when you’ll have to make a pivot – just know it’s coming at some point.

Biggest problem has been shifting over my calendar to match said priority. A lot of my tasks and weekly commitments are still b2c-focused, so this week I’m making it my mission to automate/outsource a lot of the stuff that isn’t driving my new focus – driving b2b sales.

I didn’t foresee this as a problem heading into our little b2b test, but due to its early success, it’s time to make more room for it so we can scale.

What I’m thinking about

I may have mentioned this briefly a few months ago, but I still see insane opportunities to acquire other “stuff” to give quick boosts to either your own business, or starting a new one.

What do I mean by “stuff”?

A lot of things – businesses as a whole, websites, social media accounts… the list goes on. Of course, buying stuff costs money. But if you have money, think of it like this:

– if you’re thinking of starting a business, why not buy one that’s already successful?
– need more traffic? Why start a blog if you can buy a content website already generating traffic using something like Flippa.com
– want more followers/reach? Why not look into buying IG or Tiktok or Youtube accounts with thousands of followers?

Caveat: do your homework!!! Don’t just go throwing cash around as there is no shortage of scammers out there, but I don’t think there’s been a better time to buy “stuff” to skip steps ahead and save time in your business… or even skipping ahead to having an awesome business.

My backup plan if Visto fails? Find a Boomer looking to retire and buy the business from them, while having them train me on the way out.

What I’m Reading

I’ve talked about my interest in business consulting in previous emails, hence the book I’m reading this week: The McKinsey Way by Ethan M. Rasiel.

If you’ve never looked into the consulting industry, you may never have heard of McKinsey, but they’re the world-renowned consulting firm that makes a few dozen billion dollars per year doing consulting projects for the biggest companies in the world.

Naturally, there’s a level of mystique about what they call “the Firm”, and this book pulls the curtain back (a bit) about what goes on and how to think and operate like the top consulting company in the world.

Super interesting a relatively quick read, full review next Monday when I finish it!

That’s it for me, have a great week and keep grinding. Oh and if you want my updates right to your inbox each week, make sure to join the email list here.

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