A midweek fast and a new family friend

Hey folks, back with some more solopreneur busines supdates. Had a bit of a slower day earlier this week because it was Yom Kippur.

For those non-Jewish readers in the house, it’s our day of repentance where we fast for 24 hours in hopes that our sins are forgiven.

I’m not overly religious, but it’s not a bad practice, especially for those with a more stoic mindset. Not sure about you but I’ve certainly read and listened to enough smart people talk about how minimalism and going through some “struggle” is actually a good thing to do once in a while.

Think about it.

Thousands of years ago, humans struggled a lot more than we do now. While my biggest problem these days is deciding what to eat for dinner, our ancestors had to go kill animals at the chance of eating that day.

A little extreme, but you get my point. We live relatively easy lives.

Not only do I think that going through some tough times is good, but I’ve read a fair amount about the benefits of fasting – intermittent and otherwise – in recent years, and think it’s a good idea to fast for a day or two, a few times per year.

I’m no doctor or health expert, but if we survived for thousands of years without eating 3-5 times per day, it probably won’t kill us to go a day or two without food once in a while and flush out whatever is accumulating in our bodies.

A few years ago I actually got in the habit of doing a 3-day fast twice a year. It was an interesting experience, although after doing a few, I reduced it to a 2-day fast, once or twice a year. I do believe in the health benefits, but 3 full days without food was pretty tough…

Otherwise, had a more exciting day yesterday because…


We got a new foster cat.

Are you an animal person? Do you prefer cats, or dogs?

Either way, we (my fiance and I) were ready to have some additional company, and we’ve both fostered cats before and enjoy the experience. So we decided to foster again.

There are many reasons I enjoy fostering cats, but one of them is because it makes working from home better as a solopreneur.

If you’re like me and have worked from home a lot over the years – especially throughout Covid – you know how lonely it can get. What I found out when I first fostered a cat a few years ago is that they can be great company, you’re doing a good deed by helping out a cat that otherwise would be stuck in a shelter, and they add a little extra enjoyment to your day at home working as a solopreneur.

That, and they’re pretty cute.

Obviously the solution doesn’t have to be fostering a cat, but keep tabs on your surrounding and mood if you work from home. Are you getting into a funk? Low energy? Bored of your environment?

Might be time to shake things up, go to a coworking space, work at a friend’s house for a day, or foster a cat.

Because we all know how much better off we are in a positive, productive environment. And over time, it can make a huge difference trying to grow your solopreneur business.

Have a great day, sign up here to follow my journey each and every workday and keep grinding.

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