A good intro and why you should never cancel a call

Had a great chat today with someone that can make some great introductions for us at Visto.

Time and time again I learn that if you’re trying to test a new market, or break into a new industry, or even start a new business, it’s so important to do effective networking.

And the best networking – at least for me – is getting targeted introductions from people in your network.

What do I mean by this?

Well in our case, we’re very seriously considering a new industry to focus on. But it’s an industry I have no connections in.

So the first thing I did was ping (my fancy word of choice for “message or email”) people in my network who I know and trust, asking if they know anyone in that industry.

One of my good friends made an intro to a guy he knows, who happens to be exactly the kind of person I was looking for: someone who had good advice and insights in the industry, and also knew a few other helpful people that he can introduce me to.

Huge score.

To make the most of these situations, especially if you’re trying to start a new business as a solopreneur, make sure to:

  • ask people in your inner network, with a clear and short message, if they know anyone that fits who you’re looking for
  • side tip: always be willing to help people in your network when they ask you for intros too – this builds goodwill and a valuable network for you and them in the long run
  • make it easy for your network to set up these connections by sending forward-able emails, blurbs about what you’re looking for, etc.
  • be appreciative of them and the people they connect you with
  • have pointed questions prepared for the call so you can make the most of it
  • show up for the meeting or call on time (in case you missed it, read my rant from yesterday on being on time :P)
  • at the end of the call, ask if they know anyone else that they might be able to introduce you to (if it hasn’t come up in conversation already) and offer to return the favour if they ever need it

Breaking into a new industry or business is really hard, and it takes time, effort and patience – especially if you’re a solopreneur.

But networking effectively and being introduced to the right people can severely cut down on the timing part, so don’t ever underestimate the power of a good intro!

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