A fun video test and book review

Wanted to take my solopreneur book reviewing to a new level this week, so I tried something a bit different.

As many of you know, I like reading, and I try to share summaries and lessons I learn when I finish a good book.

And especially if you’re trying to start or grow a solopreneur business, I can’t recommend reading enough.

I prefer to read physical books – I find I can’t focus and don’t consume them as well listening to audiobooks – and I’ve been reading for 15-30 minutes before bed for pretty much my entire life.

Except for a few years in law school, because they had us reading so much during the day that it was the last thing I wanted to do at night.

Oh and when I was younger, I wasn’t reading business books – mostly fantasy and fiction (Grisham, Tolkien, Rowling, etc.).

Anyway, I wanted to try taking my book reviews to the next level by recording videos.

Why videos?

Well first, I find it to be a fun creative outlet. Everyone has their side projects and passions, and as you know, mine is writing/talking about my solopreneur business journey.

And second, I find I can be much more expressive when I talk out loud than I can typing things out, in some cases. The freedom I get while talking feels better, sometimes, than typing stuff out.

And I feel like because of that, I’m actually better at sharing my summaries, takeaways and other feedback about a business book when I click record and start talking.

So I did!

A week or two ago I finished reading Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk and decided to do my usual “review” by video.

But I did more than just my usual 3 takeaways.

I did a brief intro about the book, how long it is, what it’s about and which version to buy. Then I went into the 3 key takeaways or lessons learned. I finished with a short conclusion, and the typical Yuotube jabber (“make sure to like, subscribe, blah blah blooh blooh”).

Anyway, I think it’s pretty good!

So if you’re curious about reading the book, or just want the takeaways, and especially if you want to learn about creating content, building a personal brand, etc., I definitely recommend watching the short (~8 minute) video and book review I did of Crushing It! here:

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