Why You Should Take Action to be a Successful Solopreneur

Have you ever struggled to figure out the true purpose or message of your business?

Maybe you started something – a company, a Youtube channel, a side-project – and went out into the world to try and bring it to life.

In the early stages (from my experience, the first 3-6 months), you should have a general idea of what you want to try to do, but you might not be 100% clear on the exact purpose, or messaging, or brand, or offer…yet.

And that’s totally fine.

As you know, I started a law firm about 2 years ago. It took me about 5-6 months to really niche down with an offer that “worked”, that clients wanted, that I was confident in.

And that’s when my brand, messaging and sales really started to grow.

I think I just hit that point with Solopreneur Grind (kind of meta, I know…) and wanted to share it with you. Long story short is that the brand, messaging, etc. tends to emerge after you put enough time and effort into a new endeavor.

Don’t put pressure on that new business, Youtube channel, etc.

Don’t force a brand onto it.

Don’t expect to know every detail about it until it has some time to live and breath and develop.

It’s taken me about 7 months since releasing the 1st Solopreneur Grind podcast episode to finally realize that SG is about hearing the stories of successful solopreneurs, learning from them and supporting one another in our business endeavors.

Because being a struggling or successful solopreneur can be lonely, and no one should have to travel that path alone.

Sure this might sound like a very simple brand message, but it’s such an important part of your business growth and will be such an integral part of how you market it to the world and connect with your potential viewers/clients/etc.

If you want to hear more insight on this thinking, checkout my vlog about it below or continue reading for another personal example:

This is kinda random but a few months ago I decided to host a networking event in my city (Toronto). I know most of you don’t live in Toronto, and so most of you may not care that I hosted an event in Toronto, but that’s not the point.

The point is that I’ve been going to networking events for years (highly recommended for any solopreneur or entrepreneur or wantrepreneur out there) and my brain works in a weird way.

Doesn’t matter if I’m thinking about my own business, someone else’s business, or someone else’s networking event – I’m always thinking: “How could this be done better?”

And for the last 2-3 months, I’ve been thinking about how I would run my own networking event that I think would give a lot of value to people looking to grow their networks. I had lots of hesitation and needed a little push from some guys in my own mastermind group (shout out!), but finally decided to pull the trigger.

In fact, I probably waited too long and should have pulled the trigger earlier because as I said above, sometimes you need to act on a solopreneur idea you may have before it’s fully developed, and let it develop on its own.

Either way, I’m still glad I went ahead with it and the results were great!

Challenge to you: think of something you’ve been meaning to do or try but haven’t because you haven’t “figured out all the details yet” or whatever other reason. Could be a new business, a new product/service, a project, anything. And ask yourself – how much value am I holding back from other people by NOT acting on it? How many people could I help if I wrote that ebook? How many people could I help by running that networking event? How many businesses could I help by offering this new service idea?

Flip the switch in your head – it’s not about you doing something new that’s perfect right away, it’s about helping others who need it and improving it along the way. If you want more guidance, check out my vlog on the same topic below and don’t forget to join my email list where I send an email every week with more content just like this!

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