Thinking about AI as a solopreneur

We did some work today on the AI side of things.

Nothing too crazy, and by no means is it any deeptech AI stuff, but pretty interesting in my opinion.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s (AI) definitely been one of the hot topics of the year so far. Especially in the tech world and also for solopreneurs.

AI this, Chat GPT that, you know how it is.

And so one thing I’m thinking about is how we can leverage it to make our immigration platform better at

Based on how good the AI tools are already, it’s probably something every company should be asking – how to leverage AI to improve your business?

Can you use it to improve your internal processes? Produce more output? Improve your own tech product? Save your employees more time?

Something else entirely?

That’s for you to think about! But seems like there are a ton of applications and the tools will only get better.

In our case, we already integrated Chat GPT-3 into our web app and it didn’t take our devs very long. Our CTO, Alex, had it going in just a few days using their API.

I unfortunately can’t speak to the intimate details of that because I don’t do our dev work, but it seems to be pretty user friendly in that regard.

And we’re going to keep improving it over time too, so will keep you posted on how that goes.

Have a great day, make sure not to miss my daily solopreneur tips here, and keep grinding.

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