Some Personal Info About Me and My Morning Routine

It hit me the other day that you probably don’t know much about me – on a personal level – which is sort of ironic considering I’m putting out all of this content to the world (my emails, podcast, vlog, etc.).

So I’m taking some steps to fix that problem.

I want to tell you more about me so you know who this weird dude is that writes about all these (awesome) solopreneur ideas and topics, and so you can put all of my insight, tips, struggles and stories into perspective and better apply it to your own solopreneur business.

Fun fact: I like increments of 25, so in my 25th vlog episode, I switched things up and talked about me, where i’m from, what I do, what I enjoy… and why I’m creating all this content:

If you can’t watch it this minute, here’s a quick summary:

  • I live in Toronto, Canada

  • I’m an immigration lawyer

  • I started my own law firm over 2 years ago with a more modern approach

  • I grew up playing sports and they are a big part of my life

  • I’m VERY routine-oriented

  • I think being a good entrepreneur is so much more than being “good at business”, which is why I discuss mindset, physical activity, etc. so often

I’m also a big fan of having a good morning routine – do you have one?

Do you roll over and immediately check your phone, letting the notifications flood in and setting your brain into a rat race?

Or do you keep your phone on airplane mode/off completely and slowly ramp up to get your brain and day off to a good start?

I do the latter, and most successful solopreneurs seem to have their own version that works for them.

Here’s my weekly morning routine:

  • 10 minutes of stretching

  • 10 minutes of meditation

  • 20 minute workout at home

  • A bulletproof coffee while I check email

By that time, my mind is in a great place, the solopreneur ideas are flowing and I’m ready to take on the day.

There’s no “right” morning routine so try some things out and see what works best for you – I promise you’ll start feeling the difference. And if you want more of this insight and my solopreneur ideas right to your inbox every Friday, join the email list here.

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