Struggling to get your business off the ground?

If you’ve tried starting a business, you know how hard it can be.

Deciding what to do and how to do it…

Keeping yourself motivated day-in and day-out…

Trying to feel like part of a team when you don’t have anyone else to rely on…

Don’t worry – you’re definitely not alone.

I’ve been there before too, and that’s why I started the Get Grinding Mastermind Group that will help you:

  • Get laser-focused on the business you want to start or grow
  • Give you clear strategies that you can easily use right away
  • Connect with other like-minded people for added motivation

What’s included in the mastermind?

  1. A 1-hour group call with me and 3-4 other members every month
  2. A discussion on what you’re working on, what you need help with and tips/strategies to use right away
  3. Weekly email check-ins to help with roadblocks and keep you on track
  4. A private WhatsApp chat with me and the other members to stay in touch and motivate each other

Who is it for?

I’ve joined many masterminds that end after a few weeks or months, so I started my own – on my own terms – to make sure it included people who were serious about their business and committed to attending every session (this is why we charge a small fee – so everyone commits 100%).

There is no minimum requirement in terms of how far along your business is or how much money you make – what’s most important is that you’re ready to commit to your business and the group.

The cost of the mastermind is $500 for 6 months. This includes a mastermind call every month, weekly email check-ins and the private Whatsapp group (for life!). It also connects you with other people just like you who are serious about growing their businesses.

If you think you’d be a good fit, click below to apply:

Here’s what others say about working with Josh:


I had the pleasure of meeting Josh through a mutual friend at a bi-weekly meet up that is focused on helping entrepreneurs break through current problems that hinder their business. Josh leads these groups and needless to say, they’re very helpful and insightful. Josh is a natural born leader with an empathetic heart for seeing others succeed. He truly enjoys discussing business with a solution-based focus. He has a keen interest in helping others with his ideas and for that I would recommend Josh to anybody who may want to develop an idea or break through the hard walls of business. I am happy to have met Josh and would recommend him to anybody looking for help with your business – you will not be disappointed.

Nathan Lingard – CEO,

It’s been great being a part of Josh’s mastermind and getting his business insight. Especially with regards to content creation and social media, he’s given me and my company a ton of actionable advice that is always well thought-out, and cares about the results! It’s been a pleasure working with him

Chris Noble,

Working with Josh is the difference between having an idea, thinking about it and actually doing it. Getting results. It’s so easy to go-off track and spend your effort on the wrong thing. It’s deceptively easy to have the wrong perspective on how to sell or how to approach customers. Josh’s approach is simple, consistent and effective. He certainly changed the way I look at running my business, how I think about a problem, about validating it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Josh long-term.

Sergey Ross,

I’ve been working with Josh for quite some time on a variety of things to help grow my business – from improving our website, to creating online ads, to other marketing and sales strategies. He is extremely easy to work with and always has great suggestions, thoughts or questions to lead me in the right direction and I highly recommend him to others who may need help with their own businesses!

Sonia M. – Principal Partner,

Josh was a huge help for the direction of my business. He re-focused my attention to the market I wanted to target, helped me discover several marketing strategies, and gave plenty of creative, actionable ideas that I could implement immediately. He is very friendly to talk to, easy to work with, and his advice is well worth it!

Jennifer Fryer,

Being guided on a way forward for my small business by Josh has been extremely productive. Apart from struggling financially, my motivation was lacking especially when continued effort led to little result. In each session with Josh, I was given simple and clear actions to work on, making the seemingly overwhelming task ahead so much more manageable.

I feel more confident to keep going forward and I’ve got my mojo back! A huge thanks to Josh

Silvana Franze – Fifth Ave Katoomba Retreat
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