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What others are saying about Josh:

Chris NobleVideo director/producer
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"It's been great getting to know Josh more over the years and getting his business insight through his emails. Especially with regards to content creation and social media, he's given me and my company a ton of actionable advice that is always well thought-out!"
Reid B.
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I'm not a solopreneur (yet?) but I thoroughly enjoy Josh's journey. I envy his ability to put himself out there. The Visto parts of the email are fun and being 'apart' of the story makes you feel engaged.
Silvana FranzeAccomodations/events/cooking classes
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"Following along on Joshs journey has been extremely productive. Apart from struggling financially my motivation was lacking especially when continued effort led to little result. With his daily emails I feel more confident to keep going forward and I’ve got my mojo back! A huge thanks to Josh."