How to Manage Uncertainty

Wanted to touch on a feeling that I’ve had, on-and-off, throughout my entrepreneurial career.

It’s a feeling that I didn’t have as much when I was working full time, or in school, or growing up as a kid… at least to this degree.


And not just uncertainty over whether a new business will or won’t succeed, because I don’t think uncertainty goes away completely once your business starts doing well.

For example, when you have a full-time job or are in school, you are on a clear path with a clear roadmap. You know your options of continuing and you know your options of not (quitting, switching jobs, switching degrees, etc.).

As an entrepreneur, every decision, every pivot, every day can be different. And you never know if what you’re doing is “right” until down the road – if at all. Not only that, but my business hamster brain is always working and considering new paths, new products, new options… all of which could be great, or could be terrible.

But there isn’t enough time in the day anyway to give them a try.

So how do I deal with it?

1) embrace it – because as an entrepreneur, uncertainty might be the only thing that is guaranteed (other than long hours and stress…)

2) mental health practices like meditation, journaling, etc. As an entrepreneur, and especially a solopreneur, I find that mental health practices are even more important.


Because we are quite often working alone, with much less structure/guidance than a 9-5 and with high levels of stress. These can take a toll pretty quickly…

So it’s more important than usual to look after yourself mentally and physically.

In my latest podcast episode with Coach Owen Lewis, we talk about how he got into working with entrepreneurs on exercise, mindset and happiness (because they’re all connected), the most common struggles he sees among entrepreneurs and the best ways to tackle them.

This was an awesome episode for me because of how important I think this topic is and I hope you find it useful too!

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