Don’t Overthink Your Solopreneur Business

I wanted to give an ode to all you grinders out there.

Especially all of the solopreneur business owners out there who may be going through some tough times.

I got to thinking about all the solopreneur success stories, the business news articles, major podcasts… and my recent “successes” and lack of flashing lights around my business (not that I ever expect them).

The reality is, as a solopreneur business owner you may never get a “moment to shine” – a flashy news article, podcast appearance, Ted Talk, etc.

And that’s okay.

Because us solopreneur grinders aren’t in it for that.

We’re in it for the freedom of working for ourselves.

We’re in it for the flexible and creative work environment we can create, and work within – not working within the confines of a big business.

We’re in it for the friendships and connections we can make with other amazing people, whether it be clients, our network, fellow entrepreneurs going through the same struggles, etc.

We’re in it to pave our own path.

And we’re in it because we can hit “snooze” any day of the week if we so choose 😛

Okay maybe not that one as much…

I’m not so sure about you, but if I never get a moment in the bright lights, I know I’m okay with it… I guess what I’m trying to say here is, I get you and appreciate what you’re doing.

And when things do go well, make sure to reward yourself/celebrate appropriately (and perhaps extravagantly).

Because we all deserve it.

Not only that, but I’ve been struck by a very important realization in the last ~6 months, which is particularly important in the “guru” era we now live in.

If you’re reading this solopreneur blog, it’s because you want to build something great. And if you’re like me, you get tons of ads from gurus, see all the crazy success stories, and just as part of the mass media, know the names of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc.

Since spending the last year or so studying these guys and other online successes like Frank Kern, Grant Cardone and Ben Settle, it finally hit me:

Successful solopreneurs aren’t any more special than we are, and they aren’t “better” than we are. They simply had a goal/vision, and ruthlessly pursued it and committed to it.

What do I mean by this and how does it effect us “normal” folk?

Well, I found myself getting caught up in these successful solopreneurs and entrepreneurs and thinking “wow, it must be amazing to be them. Maybe one day that’ll be me”. But after looking deeper, I realized that I think I am on the same path.

I’m nowhere near the end, and make nowhere near as much money as them, but…

These are normal people.

They put their pants on in the morning the same way we do.

Warren Buffet stops at McDonalds for breakfast every morning just like millions of Americans (whether that’s a good thing or not is another story…).

What I’m trying to say is there’s no secret sauce.

Sure, some may be smarter, or born with more of a knack for business knowledge. But at the end of the day, you aren’t going to build a huge solopreneur business without working on it – a lot.

You’re not going to build a huge Instagram following without working on it – a lot.

And you don’t need anything “in your blood” to get it done. So in the famous words of Nike…

Just do it.

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